Top 10 Adrenaline Fueled Activities

We all like to come face to face with danger every once in a while, but we don’t attempt anything unless we have some form of guarantee that we’ll make it out alive. If you are looking for some memorable adventures, then the following list of activities will give you a strong rush of adrenaline and a real sense of danger:  

1) Storm chasing
Any force of nature that has the potential to uproot trees should be steered away from – a fact for the average Joe, but not for those hooked to their adrenaline rush. If the name of this adventure doesn’t state the obvious, storm chasing is when you take your car, or bike or even your horse in the pursuit of a terrifying, raging storm. If it manages to engulf you in its deathly chokehold, you would more than likely get your death wish. There are professional storm chasing services if you are too timid to try it out solo.

2) Sky jumping
Yes – somehow the idea of being strapped onto a piece of cloth (the parachute) and being left at the mercy of earth’s gravity appeals to a certain portion of crazed individuals. You hitch a ride onto a helicopter, fly a thousand or more feet into the air and take a massive plunge into unforgiving terrain of the earth, relying solely on the efficient, timely deployment of the parachute. This is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase the world just how much of a daredevil you can be. Make sure to spam Instagram with the pictures of your adventure (or misadventure)!

3) Bungee jumping
This is probably less expensive than sky jumping since you don’t require access to a helicopter nor a fancy parachute – but the concept is still the same with only a slight change; you’re now supposed to entrust all your weight (and your life) to a piece of thick rope. There really is no controlling the speed of your descent and you just plain drop 50m or so into the ground. In some bungee jumps you actually take a dive into a lake or a pond. Those with the selfie craze actually bring along an extra pair of camera attached to a selfie stick – not wanting miss the opportunity to document their dangerous adventure.

4) Mountain climbing
Probably one of the most tiring hobbies that requires some serious dedication; you have to learn mountaineering, spend money to reach a far-off location and spend plenty of days just trekking up the harsh, rigid mountain. When you do reach the top of the peak, it really is a sight to behold; it’s not just an adrenaline filled activity, but one that also helps you on a spiritual level.

5) Wave surfing
Probably the easiest to access and most dangerous to perform. When a barrage of giant storms stir up large waves you can bet that there is a crazed individual out there hoping to catch a ride on to one. It is easy to underestimate the potential dangers of wave surfing when you watch experienced surfers safely ride a powerful wave; but one wrong move and the wave can send you slamming into the ocean floor with powerful force, enough to knock you out of consciousness. Not to mention the fact that the surfboard can be a dangerous piece of equipment that has the ability to easily slice through things.  

6)  Shark diving
Locked inside a cage while submerged deep into the ocean and surrounded by a dozen Great White sharks sounds like a good idea to many folks. We all like to experience the feeling of impending doom without actually undergoing bodily harm. It’s the same reason why we like watching horror movies. These monsters of the sea have bodies stretching 20 feet long and weighing above a ton – perfect for those who want to experience a massive rush of adrenaline, and fear.  

7) Flyboarding
Flyboarding 20-30ft above the water is arguably the safest item on our list. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that there isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush. You strap yourself onto a flyboard connected to a water hose which is attached to a watercraft. The movement of the watercraft propels the flyboard above the water’s surface. Watching another human fly in the air is truly a sight to behold – even more so when they take dives into the sea like a little dolphin, performing acrobatics which normally require a green screen to perform (because it’s all fake)! At Skyhigh Flyboards in Minneapolis there are numerous high quality Flyboards for sale. Before you can purchase them though, you’ll have to pass a safety course.  

8) Jumping a mountain bike
As is the case with mountaineering, jumping a bike also requires proper training before you can start performing stunts. It is also the cheapest to perform because the only requirement needed is having access to a sturdy, resilient bike which is resistant to both shock and abrupt collisions with hard surfaces. Bonus points for having access to a helmet.

9) Rafting
This one’s slightly tame because the risks are somewhat less than the likes of skydiving and bungee jumping. What you’re essentially doing is navigating through tumultuous river water using an inflatable raft; it is common to share the same space with a few other people, usually friends and family. Depending on the roughness of the waters and the rigidity of the landscape, rafting can prove to be extremely dangerous and in some cases, even fatal. There is the risk of the raft tumbling over, which increases the chances of drowning under the water.

10) Deep sea diving
If you’re not afraid of going deep inside the belly of the earth and witness fantastically weird creatures in action, then deep sea diving is for you. It should suffice adrenaline junkies to dive down to a depth of 50 meters under the ocean, but to really crank things up a notch you’ll need access to an atmospheric diving suit which will allow you to go as far as 600 meter beneath the depths of the ocean. There are untold dangers lurking down there and we would advise the reader to avoid this activity entirely. You might just end up facing a giant hungry squid.