Flyboard Rental

Flyboard Rental

Welcome to SkyHigh Flyboard Rentals, Flyboard Air, Water Jet Pack, Parts and More!

If you’re interested in a Flyboard, Hoverboard, Jetpack, or more – you’re in the right place! We are your premier and only Midwest and West Coast Distributor for the Flyboard, Hoverboard, and Jetpack by Zapata Racing. Please give us a call on any questions you may have. Whether you want to try it or most of all, buy it, we provide an ultimate flight experience and options for everyone. Operating the Flyboard and Hoverboard is easy for everyone and because of this, it only takes minutes to get flying. As a result of this, everyone can enjoy Flyboarding. Contact us if you’re interested in learning to fly or purchasing your own flyboard equipment.

About the FlyBoard

The Flyboard is a personal jet pack that mounts onto your feet using bindings. Safe, secure and fun for the whole family!

Who Controls It?

There are two options for throttle control. While learning to fly, you will have an instructor on the personal water craft controlling the throttle.

Learning to Fly

When given proper instruction and willingness to listen to instructions, learning to fly on the Flyboard is often much easier than one might expect.

Pro Rider
Caleb Gavic

Lake Fun

With Flyboard products, going to the lakes just got more exciting. Common question we get, “Is this safe…” YES! Like any water craft you enjoy, making sure you listen to instructions will make your adventure safe and fun. Learning the operatig controls is easier then you think. Like a bike, once you get the hang of it, the open “water” is all yours!

Great for Parties & Events

Throw a birthday party or have a company BBQ at the lake and rent some Flyboards. Learning something new with friends or coworkers builds frindship and teamwork. Create a moment they will never forget.