Fly Before You Buy!

Have you ever wanted to try the world most extreme sport? Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to fly, soar, dive, or flip? At Skyhigh Flyboard we are the Midwest’s number 1 spot to do all these things with the official Flyboard by Zapata Racing. Our certified instructors will have you flying within 15 minutes.

Available Flight Locations

  • Lake Minnetonka (Contact Us for information)
  • Long Lake in New Brighton¬†(Contact Us for information)
  • Brainerd Lakes Area (Crosslake, Leech Lake, Gull Lake, Pelican Lake)
  • Prior Lake (Coming Soon!)

Available Flight Times

  • 30 Minutes of Flight Time (Up to 1 Person) = $150
  • 1 Hour of Flight Time (Up to 3 Persons) = $300
  • 2 Hours of Flight Time (No Limit) = $575
  • 3 Hours of Flight Time (No Limit) = $850
  • 4 Hours of Flight Time (No Limit) = $1100

**For longer flight times, please Contact Us

**Each flyer usually takes a minimum of 20 minutes their first time


NOTE: Listed times are Machine Hours. For example, a 4 Hour reservation would be 1 Machine for 4 Hours; 2 Machines for 2 Hours or 4 Machines for 1 Hour. The time starts from when the first person starts their flight. 


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