Everything You Need to Know about the Flyboard Air

It’s a disappointing fact that in old movies, we were promised hover boards and self-lacing shoes by 2016 or so. While we were sorely disappointed in the lack of this, we have the next best thing in the form of water jet boards. However, even these had limitations to them and didn’t offer the same experience that a hover board would.

Luckily, we have progressed in leaps and bounds in this area and there have been many changes made to the original flyboard. Thankfully, due to this tinkering around, we saw the introduction of the first functional hover board in 2016. Named the Flyboard Air, it has garnered the attention of everyone as it breaks the bounds of traditional flyboards.

In many instances, people believed it to be a hoax but luckily, that is not the case. While it is considered to be a work-in-progress and there are still many modifications that need to be made to it, it is still a functional hover board. If you’re curious about this wonderful innovation, take a closer look at the Flyboard Air here:

Is Different from a Flyboard

Despite sharing its name with the flyboard, the Flyboard Air is completely different from it. For one thing, it doesn’t have jet propellers on it. It makes use of miniaturized turbo jets instead of water based jets like the flyboard has. Surprisingly, the differences don’t stop here; the Flyboard Air is not attached to any other vehicle in any manner.

In comparison, an actual flyboard is usually attached to a personal water vehicle. The controls are also connected to this vehicle as a person relies on the throttle of the vehicle to manipulate the throttle of the flyboard as well. On the other hand, the Flyboard Air is completely free and relies on a jet fuel that is usually worn like a back pack by the person operating it.

Has a Guinness World Record

While the flyboard has garnered a lot of interest and made a lot of headlines, the Flyboard Air is a league of its own, having a created a Guinness Record, in 2016 for the farthest flight traveled with the help of a hover board. The distance covered came to a total of 2,252.4m (2km). While it might be a small distance for some, you should pay attention to the fact that this record happened in April 2016, roughly a few months after the Flyboard Air was introduced to the world.

Given the fact that it is still being developed, the Flyboard Air has potential to make some new records as there has never been anything like it before. Keep in mind that the water based flyboard has also made some noteworthy breakthroughs. However, given the fact that the Flyboard Air is the World’s first, functional hover board, it tends to be the favorite one at the moment and garners more attention.

It Is Extremely Difficult

Despite the fact that the Flyboard Air looks completely effortless, the learning curve for it is extremely steep, more than the a regular flyboards. This is because a person has to rely on their own skills to ensure safety when they are up in the air. Even with safety gear on, it is possible to lose your balance or experience some other accident that can cause serious injury.

Even the inventor himself, Franky Zapata had to deal with accidents and crashes when he was testing out the Flyboard Air. Luckily, there’s no injury when a person falls in water but keep in mind that the Flyboard Air is capable of going 10,000 feet into the air and it also goes up to speeds of 80 km per hour.

Maintaining balance on the board is aided with the help of built in stabilizers in the board as well as the inclusion of propeller jets that try to keep the board at a steady angle. On the other hand, these jets are controlled by the person who is using the Flyboard Air. There’s no, two-team system like the one that commonly made when using flyboards so you have to be able to truly handle the controls on your own.

Requires Prior Experience

Since the difficulty level is so high and the fact that a person has to manage the controls and wear a back pack full of jet fuel, and monitor the fuel consumption at all levels, it is a given that the Flyboard Air is not meant for beginners at all. In fact, a person needs to have prior experience in flying one with a team before they can indulge in solo flights.

As recommended by Mr. Zapata, a person should have a minimum experience of 100 or even 50 hours with the original, water based flyboard. For many flyboard enthusiasts, this might dampen their spirits for trying it out but it is only for the safety of everyone involved. The Flyboard Air brings its own set of unique problems as well as challenges and someone experience with a water based flyboard will be better suited to not only handling them but maneuvering the Flyboard Air with ease.

Gimme, Gimme!

So, you have just a few more sessions of flyboarding to go before you can meet the experience quota needed to qualify for the Flyboard Air. Unfortunately, you’ll still be disappointed as it is currently, not available for civilian or recreational use. This is because the current Flyboard Air is still considered to be in its prototype phase and there are still certain aspects that need to be worked out.

However, you don’t have to be completely disappointed. If you’re looking for a similar board, you can opt to try out any board from the ESH Flyboard Pro series. This is because the Flyboard Air is developed based on this particular flyboard. While the experience of flying the Flyboard Air cannot compare to this one, it is still extremely similar and it makes for good practice for when the Flyboard Air eventually becomes available for the local market. For many, it is worth the wait.

5 Things You Should Consider Before You Decide to Buy a Flyboard

Flyboarding is extremely exhilarating and it is very easy to get addicted to the adrenalin rush and the excitement it provides you. This is one of the main reasons why some thrill seekers and water sports aficionados decide to buy a flyboard for themselves since they want to indulge in it again and again.

On the other hand, flyboarding is an activity that like other water sports should be considered seriously if you’re thinking of pursuing it on a daily basis. If you’re thinking of getting a flyboard, the following are a few things you should seriously consider before you buy one.

1.     Costs can be high

When it comes to the overall costs that you have to deal with when you want to buy a flyboard, the price can be a bit hefty. If you’re lucky, you can buy a flyboard on sale but even then, it can be a bit expensive, particularly if you are looking for a new one.

A mildly used flyboard in good condition can be a good option but they can be a bit hard to find owing to the fact that they’re easily sold off. Nonetheless, with more flyboards being produced by different businesses, it is likely that you can find something that suits your budget. In either scenario, be prepared to have a big budget. In this case, it is always better to plan for bigger costs.

2.     Regular Maintenance is needed

Like any other piece of equipment, flyboards need to be regularly maintained in order to keep them functional. This is due to the fact that exposure to water can cause the flyboard to eradicate earlier than expected unless you take some special measures in order to ensure that your board doesn’t get any water damage due to improper storage or after care.

Despite being made for water, it requires a lot of maintenance, much like a surf board does, in order to stay functional. When you’re just starting out, this can be a bit strenuous and hectic for you, you need to ensure that each time you use the flyboard; you are able to dry it and store it properly in order to ensure that the flyboard is still in working condition when you need it for the next time.

3.     Don’t Buy on a Whim

One of the biggest things that you have to pay attention to is to avoid buying the flyboard on a simple whim. Not only is it a big expense, it is an unnecessary purchase then and one that you will begin to regret. Until and unless you have that drive and dedication to really make use of it, you might find that your flyboard just collect dusts, much like the exercise equipment that people buy for their homes.

Evaluate why you’re opting to think of buying the flyboard. When you’re going to buy the flyboard, do you intend to use it at least once or twice a week? Are you prepared to invest not only the time but the money as well? If you’re completely sure that you’re going to follow through on your plan, then by all means, go ahead and buy a flyboard but don’t let it turn into a meaningless purchase. In this instance, you have to ensure that you have passion as well as enthusiasm because flyboarding is rather strenuous, on your body and you can expect to feel a bit sore and stiff after you indulge in it repeatedly.

4.     Requires Personal Gear

Like with any sports activity, you will have to get some personal safety gear when you are going to buy a flyboard. This personal gear includes a helmet, a life jacket, elbow and knee pads and even a mouth guard for good measure. Injuries with flyboarding are rare but it is better not to tempt fate here and invest in some good security gear. Even if you’re thinking of ditching a few items in personal safety gear, a helmet and life jacket are a necessity and shouldn’t be ignored.

Flyboarding can entail being elevated in water up to a height of 12 feet, and having any accident that causes you to fall down and hit the water will ensure that you’re not injured. If you’re diving in the water, the pressure from the flyboard jets can make you hit the water harder than you intended and having a helmet on will ensure that you do not cause injury to your ears or your head. In some instances, having the life jacket on can also help you should you get a muscle spasm or some other muscular injury that could leave you unable to swim properly.

5.     A Personal Water Vehicle is necessary

Whether it is a flyboard or a water jet boots, they are usually attached to a personal water vehicle such as a motor boat or even a jet-ski. The throttle of this personal water vehicle is responsible for controlling the throttle of the water. Without this added engine power, a flyboard isn’t as functional as it can be.

For this reason, if you want to buy a flyboard, you have to ensure that you have a personal water vehicle that you can use with it, each time you take your flyboard out on the water. Moreover, not all flyboards can be handled alone and you will need to have someone else with you who are willing to monitor the controls of the personal water vehicle and the throttle and controls of the flyboard until you get the hang of it. Even then, it is advisable to have someone with you at all times, in case of an emergency.

If you’re looking for a great place to buy your very own flyboard, get in touch Skyhigh Flyboard. With accessories as well as flyboards from Zapata, you can easily find the best one. Featuring flyboards from the Legend, Pro and Armor Hose series, you can drop us a line to find out more about how you can buy a flyboard today.

6 Things You Should Know Before You Rent A Flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do on water and are tired of the usual options, then it is a good idea to indulge in some flyboarding. Completely water based, flyboarding has become exceedingly popular and it is not uncommon for someone to simply rent a flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI and spend some time on the waves.

While flyboarding has becoming rather commonplace, particularly in areas that have access to large water bodies such as lakes, rivers or even the sea, there is still a lot of confusion regarding them. If you want to rent a flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, pay attention to the following points; they can really show you just how fun and great flyboarding really is.

1. It’s Great for Beginners

As a water activity, the learning curve in flyboarding is very steep. Most people don’t really rent a flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI due to this factor but much like snowboarding and surfing, once you get the hang of it, you won’t face any problems. In fact, flyboarding is completely safe for beginners and many have become so comfortable that they are able to do some neat water tricks a short time into using the flyboards.

When you’re getting a flyboard, prior experience is not a necessity, particularly if you have an instructor with you. Moreover, the exhilaration and adrenaline rush it provides to beginners can often leave them wanting to learn more and indulge in this activity again and again. In any case, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the steep learning curve and embrace this water sport with an open mind.

2. Safety Gear is a Must

When you rent a flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, you will have to make sure that the rental package includes safety gear. Flyboarding in water can cause injury, particularly since a person is being propelled by water jets. In this case, it is a good idea to make sure that you have your basics covered by having a life jacket and a sturdy helmet.

While flyboarding is rare, you can save yourself from some unhealthy knocks and bumps by ensuring that you have your head covered properly. Moreover, the helmet ensures that should you end up hitting the water, you don’t suffer seriously as it can get rather painful. Oftentimes, the speed and velocity of the flyboards can cause water burns as well so a life jacket will be great to have with you.

3. You Will be with an Instructor

Flyboarding, particularly for beginners, is always recommended with an instructor. With the help of an instructor, you can easily learn more about the controls and the throttles of the flyboard as well as ensure that you have the right posture and more when you are flyboarding.

Unfortunately when most people look to rent a flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, they usually tend to overlook getting an instructor on board. On the other hand, while it might be an added expense, opting to go for flyboarding classes, will ensure that you learn to flyboard as safely as possible. While renting is never dissuaded, it is always recommended that you at least have one class with an instructor to prevent any accidents from happening.

4. Getting a Personal Water Vehicle

Flyboards are usually attached to a personal water vehicle which could be anything from a jet ski to a motor boat. When the flyboard is attached to it, the throttle of the vehicle is used to control the overall throttle of the flyboard as well. When you want to rent a flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, you should keep this aspect in mind.

While there are flyboards being developed to overcome this requirement, it is still far more common to find flyboards that rely on a personal water vehicle. For this purpose, always make sure you have a personal water vehicle available when you’re looking to rent a flyboard in Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI.

5. Picking One Based on Your Comfort Level

When the time comes for you to pick a flyboard, you might not be aware of the different options that are available for you. Not only do you get the traditional ones where your feet have to be strapped in to it, much like a wakeboard, you also get the choice of water jet boots where you don’t have a whole board, the water jets are individual boots that are attached to the feet.

Now choosing between the two of them will largely depend upon your personal preference and on how comfortable you are with flyboarding. In many cases, beginners tend to opt for the traditional flyboard as it allows them greater balance and ensures that they have no problems. However, some flyboard enthusiasts actually enjoy the freedom in movement and the mobility that flyboarding boots have to offer.

6. Going Up in the Air

One of the biggest attractions in flyboarding is the fact that it relies on extremely powerful water jets that can easily propel one above water. In fact, this elevation can easily be up to 12 feet in the air. Naturally, this is one of the most appealing factors behind why people want to rent a flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI but it can also be rather intimidating for people.

Luckily, the throttle on the flyboard is adjustable and you can easily control it to ensure that you are in a safe height. Usually, opting for the highest setting is not advised until you are comfortable and familiar with the controls of the flyboard that you are using. In many cases, slowly graduating to a higher elevation setting is preferable than trying it out on the first time. It not only ensures you don’t end up getting terrified out of your skin, you also learn to center yourself and find your balance more easily with the help of this step.

If you want to rent a flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, contact Skyhigh Flyboards!  

How to Pick the Best Flyboard Rental in the Minneapolis, MI Area

The state of Minneapolis is blessed with plenty of vast water bodies that are not only counted among some of the most picturesque spots; they are also considered to be great places where a person can indulge in all kinds of water sports. Slowly, flyboarding has also become included in the vast array of water sports that are offered in the locality and any one can easily indulge in this activity when the weather and water conditions allow it.

The best part is that one doesn’t need to own a flyboard to indulge in it. You can find plenty of flyboard rentals in the Minneapolis area. However, just because a place if offering a flyboard on rent doesn’t meant that you should just sign up with them. Your flyboarding experience will depend a lot on this factor so you should opt to search for the best flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area. If you don’t know how to go about it, the following are a few helpful tips that you can apply.

Checking the Packages

Flyboard rental doesn’t mean that you’re just going to be handed a flyboard and left on your own in the water. Any good rental place will be offering you a package that, based on your expertise level can differ. Only experts can walk away with a flyboard only and even then, it is rare for one to rent it solo.

For beginners and even intermediate level flyboard enthusiasts, rental packages are available and usually include the flyboard, along with safety equipment for the user, an instructor who will be with them through the duration of the rental time and other taxes and fees that apply. A great way to find the best flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area is to compare the packages. Don’t just look at the prices, pay attention to what is being included in it.

Looking at Their Credentials

It’s a good idea to opt for rentals that have experienced instructors with them. This ensures that you don’t face any accidents when you’re working with them and you are able to safely enjoy your flyboarding experience. The best flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area will have certification as well as be authorized to offer flyboard rental services so be sure to ask for it.

Never overlook this factor as it could be crucial for you. Even if they don’t have certifications, make sure to check for the instructor’s credentials to ensure that they know what they’re doing. Keep in mind that the best flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area will not be worried by you making such queries regarding their services or their team.

Checking for User Reviews

Can’t make up your mind regarding the best flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area? How about looking for some honest user reviews that let you know what the experience was like for them? You can easily find flyboard rental businesses on websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor or look up reviews in the local forum.

This ensures that you end up making the right decision when you decide to finally sign up for a flyboarding experience. In this manner, you can easily pick the best flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area without having to worry about anything. However, do take these reviews with a grain of salt since not everyone has a pleasant experience. One or two bad reviews are still okay for a company but if there are more bad than good, it is a good idea to skip them completely.

Examine the Flyboarding Equipment

Now that you have finally chosen the best flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area, be sure to ask them to examine the equipment if it is possible. This should be done well beforehand, not on the day of the rental class. By examining the equipment, you can get a better idea of how the equipment functions as well as how well the business is investing back into itself. If the equipment is in poor shape, you might want to reconsider signing up with them.

While bumps and scrapes are acceptable, if there’s rust on the flyboard, you might want to consider working with another flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area. This is so because if a business is careless about the maintenance of their flyboards, there might be other areas where the same carelessness could result in some serious injury. In any case, badly kept equipment is bound to malfunction and it is a good idea to avoid places that look like they are obviously cutting corners.

Make a Booking Beforehand

You might be under the impression that all you have to do is to show up at a place and sign up for the rental package you wanted immediately. Unless it is a particularly slow day, there are few rental places that offer on-the-spot or walk-in bookings so it is always a good idea to book your appointment with them in advance. This saves you from any problems in making a booking on the day that you want to indulge in this water sport.

Moreover, the curiosity behind flyboarding has increased to the point where it has become an exceedingly popular water sport, particularly during the summer season. This means that during the holidays, there’s going to be plenty of people who’re going to be signing up for flyboarding as well. In some cases, the best flyboard rentals in the Minneapolis area can be booked for two or three days without an available opening so it is always a good idea to be wise and book your spot beforehand.

By being careful about the kind of rental you work with, you can experience flyboarding in an extremely exhilarating manner. For this reason, you should do your research in order to pick the best one possible. The best part is that given the number of large water bodies in Minneapolis, you won’t have any trouble finding the best flyboard rental in the Minneapolis area. Contact Skyhigh Flyboards for all of your Flyboard Rental and Purchasing needs!

Should You Try the Water Jet Pack or the Water Jet Board First in Brainerd, MI?

When you’re considering trying some new water activities, it’s a grave sin to not include flyboarding on your list! The watersport has two further categories: one that makes use of a water jet board and the second which uses a wearable water jet pack. While both of them have a lot of similarities, the experience each offers is entirely different. You might be wondering which one you should opt for. Many people do tend to have a certain preference based on what they have observed of a particular activity, but it always works in your benefit to evaluate it carefully.  

Not only can they be a bit costly to indulge in, there are chances such as time constraints, fitness, and more that might not make this a weekly or monthly activity for you. If you’re stuck between the two, take a comparative look at them to figure out which one you should try out first. By doing a little bit of research, you can get rid of some misconceptions as well as ensure that you pick the right activity that will allow you to spend your time enjoyably.

Common Factors

First of all, let’s start off by taking a look at the common factors that a water jetpack and a water jet-board has. By looking at the similarities, you can easily make up your mind regarding which activity you prefer more and how difficult it will be for you to master. The following are a few common similarities that they share:

  • Water Powered – Both the water jet board and the water jetpack are powered by a powerful machine that forces pressurized jet of water to propel a person forwards, backwards, or in any other direction that a person wants to go in. Elevations of up to 12 feet are possible with the help of water powered jets that are available on both the jet pack and the jet board.
  • Require Instructors – Both activities should not be conducted alone, unless you have considerable amounts of practice under your belt. Instructors are needed to ensure that there are no unnecessary injuries and that you’re able to enjoy the activity as safely as possible. The kind of instructor you get will make a huge difference on your overall experience and luckily, you’ll find plenty of good ones.   
  • Cost – In some cases, classes for a water jetpack or a water jet-board are about the same. This is one of the main reasons why there can be confusion on which one to try out beforehand. Since the cost isn’t the deciding factor anymore, a person cannot avoid one activity or the other on this basis.

Different Factors

Now, let’s take a closer look at the differences that both activities share. It is always important to keep an eye on these as it will guide you to make a proper decision. By knowing the differences, you can make a more concrete decision regarding your preference for a water jet pack or a water jet board. The following are a few common differences that they have:

  • Level of Difficulty–The level of difficulty for both is different. Water jet packs are usually considered easier as the jet pack is attached to the body and offers more control as well as a bigger sense of control. Handling the controls is also not very difficult for beginners. On the other hand, the water jet board, also known as a flyboard is more difficult since it requires more balance. The jets are attached to the board or boots that are worn on the feet only. This can be daunting to beginners.
  • Comfort Level–Again, the level of comfort that you experience with a water jet pack might be suitable for beginners although it also depends on how well you adapt. For some people, a water jet-board does not pose any problems at all. Guided with the help of an instructor, while the learning curve is steep, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to get the hang of the water jet board very easily.  
  • Equipment–The equipment is minimal in both, but the water jet pack is worn around the upper torso of a person while the water jet board is only attached to the feet. In this case, the water jet pack might offer more comfort to a person as it requires less balance. The water jet board, on the other hand, can make a few people feel nervous, particularly if they haven’t found their balance yet. Luckily, the instructor will be the one who has access to the controls, particularly when you’re just starting out.

What’s the Verdict?

Once you have taken the time to evaluate the similarities and the differences, you can begin to make an educated decision regarding which activity you should try out first. Most people tend to lean towards water jet packs but at the end of the day, a water jet board is completely safe for use and great, even for beginners.

The best part is that beginners can start with it, straight of the bat and prior experience is not required. Whether you’re signing up for a class or a one day experience, you will always be accompanied with a seasoned and professional instructor who will keep an eye on you and ensure that you face no problems when you’re indulging in the water jet pack or the water jet board. Your personal preference will definitely play a huge role in picking one over the other but water jet boards are definitely worth trying.

The mobility and agility they offer to a person is exhilarating and many people who try it for the first time can end up getting addicted to it. It’s not surprising that you might be signing up for this activity to re-do the experience again and again. The best part is that once you have had a few classes, you can easily rent or buy your own water jet board and enjoy this amazing water sport on your own time as well.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Water Jet Pack Brainerd MI

Water jet packs are the latest addition to water sports, right behind flyboarding and if flyboarding terrifies you, it is a good idea to opt for the other option. Water jet packs work much like flyboards but instead of having water jets attached to your feet, you get to have water jets that you can wear, much like a back pack. The mobility that this offers you is unbelievable because you don’t just get to walk on water, you get to fly, levitate and enjoy mobility on all angles with the help of a water jet pack.

Completely safe for use, water jet packs are quickly becoming popular as using them doesn’t have such a steep learning curve as flyboarding does. Moreover, beginners can enjoy water jet packing without any worries. However, if you’re considering indulging in this activity any time soon, the following are a few helpful do’s and don’ts that will make your experience even better:


When you are indulging in some jet packing, pay attention to these following do’s:

  • Let the Instructor Handle It – When you’re just starting out, your instructor will largely control the throttle in order to allow you to comfortably get used to the water jet pack. Once you are feeling comfortable, they will hand over the controls to you but in the start, it is generally advised that they will handle the whole situation.
  • Be Prepared to Feel Weird – Being propelled above water with the help of a jetpack is going to be a surreal feeling so be prepared to feel a bit weird. In some instances, people have compared it to be like being on a roller coaster in water. If you’re afraid of heights, you will also have to be careful as the water jet pack is a powerful enough to propel a person up to 12 feet into the air. Nonetheless, be prepared to give yourself some time to adjust to it.
  • Wear Goggles – Keep your eyes safe and free from water with the help of some goggles. Since the water jet pack relies on water to function, you can expect to get a bit of spray on your face as well. In some instances, combined with the wind, this can end up marring your visibility so it is always a good idea to keep an eye on this aspect and ensuring that you have perfect vision when you are using it.
  • Keep Your Safety Gear On – Ensure that you have your other safety gear with you such as the life jacket along with knee and elbow guards as well as a helmet for your head. While accidents and injuries from water jet packs are rare, few and far in between, it is always a good idea to be safe than sorry. Your instructor will usually provide you with the safety gear but you can also confirm this fact from them when you’re making a booking.
  • Relax – You might be feeling nervous, particularly when you’re just starting out but do your best to relax and truly enjoy the experience. Water jet packs are safer than flyboards and aren’t as strenuous on the body either. Due to the fact that you’re going to be strapped into the jetpack, you also have more control over it which will allow you to relax more.


Some of the don’ts that come with using a water jet pack include the following:

  • Start Doing Tricks – When you’re just starting out with the water jet pack, it can be very difficult to avoid showing off, especially when you feel like you’re getting the hang of it. However, it is a good idea to curb your enthusiasm and avoid trying to perform tricks, until and unless, you are being guided by your instructor. Follow their commands and do a trick when they show you how. Don’t just try to wing it as it will result in disaster.
  • Lie About Your Health – Almost anyone can sign up for water jet pack classes, including elderly people but you should still mention if you any health conditions that might negatively impact the overall experience that you have. Even if your condition might appear harmless to you, give full disclosure so as to ensure that the instructor and others can help you, in case you require emergency medical services.
  • Panic – In some cases, being up in the air and the sudden change in balance that is caused by the water jet pack can induce panic. In such instances, please try to remain calm and signal to your instructor to lower the throttle speed. In many cases, the instructor will make sure to allow you to get used to each level of elevation before you are up in the air. If you’re feeling unsure about something, don’t be afraid to ask the instructor for more information.
  • Mess with the Controls – When it comes to the controls, the instructor will be more than happy to maintain them until you are comfortable enough to use them. However, be gentle, allow yourself time to adjust and more than anything, ask the instructor about a certain action or control in order to find out what it does. Don’t just flip a switch and hope for the best in this scenario.
  • Ignore the Instructor – As the person who has the most knowledge regarding the water jet pack, you shouldn’t be ignoring your instructor when they’re sharing information with you. Whether they’re explaining the controls to you, explaining the whole process or some other important piece of information, don’t get cocky and start believing that you know more than them. They are there to ensure that you have a good time and don’t suffer from any injury.

At the end of the day, a water jet pack experience is truly one of a kind and one that wasn’t available for quite a few years. Despite its extreme newness in the market, it is a completely safe sports activity that is safe for everyone to try.  

Beginner’s Guide to Using a Flyboard Brainerd MI

If you love sports, being outdoors and being in water, you might think that you don’t have many options other than swimming, surfing and sailing. If yes, then you’re missing on one of the best water sports:  flyboarding! Marrying the sport of surfing with some new-fangled technology, flyboarding involves the use of a flyboard that is powered by pressurized water. This combination has proven to be a hit and the experience of flyboarding is nothing short of spectacular.

The best part is that this is a very inclusive water-sport and while the learning curve is definitely steep, if you’re considering getting a flyboard and turning this sport as your new hobby, here are a few things that can help you figure out how to indulge in flyboarding in a safe manner.

Sign up for Classes

One of the first things you should consider doing is to sign up for flyboarding classes. You can sign up for one-day flyboarding activities every week that take you through a beginner’s crash course. However, if you’re in the mood to pursue flyboarding consistently, then the classes are a better option. Not only will they cover the basics, you’ll also learn more advanced skills with the one-on-one attention and time that signing up for classes can entail.

Much like any other sport with a steep learning curve, it is better to start off with baby steps under the supervision of a trained professional. You’re going to learn a lot and avoid getting any injuries as well as gain more confidence in your own abilities. Eventually, you will be able to graduate from your classes and be able to master the flyboard with the help of these classes.

Rent or Buy a Flyboard?

When starting out, the more feasible option is to rent a flyboard due to the fact that there are plenty of flyboards in the market that come with different price tags and are suited for different levels of expertise. Overtime, you will develop your own tastes and preference for a particular flyboard and then be able to make an educated decision regarding which board you want to purchase.

Your instructor can also help you out in this aspect by providing you with a number of different options. By renting a flyboard, you can easily observe the amount of usage the board will get, your skill level, as well as the overall maintenance that the board will require. Renting a board will allow you to keep all these factors in mind and pick a flyboard that will be a valuable addition for you.

Do Some Research

At the end of the day, if you have decided to buy a flyboard before you sign up for classes to learn flyboarding, it is recommended that you do some research. Make sure that you do research all the options that are available for you regarding which brands are the best and most reliable. While currently, the market place only has a few options to offer, you can ensure that you get the best one for you.

From the cost to the features that the flyboard has, be sure to thoroughly research your options as these can be a tad bit expensive. By doing prior research, you can ensure that you don’t end up spending money unnecessarily.  

Pay Attention to Water Conditions

Just like surfing, sailing and even open water swimming, keep a close eye on water conditions as they do make an impact on the overall flyboarding experience. Rough or choppy waters will be more challenging, whereas when you’re starting out, it is better to opt for days when the weather is bright, calm and perfect for flyboarding.

Moreover, you don’t need to be near the sea to be able to enjoy flyboarding. Any large water body, such as lakes and rivers and even lagoons are perfect for this activity. Nonetheless, certain weather conditions can make these areas dangerous as well so it is better to avoid them when the weather isn’t perfect.  

Get Some Safety Equipment

One of the best things about flyboarding is that it allows one to get a full body workout. From your core muscles to your shoulders, arms and legs, you can expect to get a little sore when you’re flyboarding for the first time. It is a good idea to invest in some safety equipment when you are getting a flyboard so that you can ensure that you don’t experience any muscle wear and tear. In fact, muscle injuries can be a common occurrence, particularly if you’re indulging in the activity improperly.  

With the help of a seasoned professional, you won’t face such injuries. Keep in mind that flyboarding entails being propelled out of the water and your safety gear should be strong enough to ensure that should you fall into the water at an odd angle, you don’t sustain injuries. Anyone who has ever dived in the water improperly knows how painful the experience can be. Also, consider investing in some high-quality sun-screen that is waterproof because you’re going to get a nice tan with all the time you spend outside in the sun.

Give Yourself Time

Like with any other sport, it is difficult to master flyboarding with just a few classes. You’re going to need some extra practice with your flyboard, along with more classes in order to be able to indulge in flyboarding with ease. As with any sport, be patient with yourself and make room for mistakes. Treat each mistake like a learning opportunity to ensure that you keep learning.  

Much like learning how to ride a bike, the flyboarding learning experience can be different for everyone and relies a lot on balance and control. While some people can be naturals, getting the hang of the flyboard in one class with ease, you will have to allow yourself to progress at a pace that is more natural for you. At the end of the day, remember to have fun when you’re out in the sun when you’re flyboarding.  

Flyboarding for Beginners

For the longest time, man has tried to walk on water, but to no avail. It’s just not what we’re meant for, right? That’s what they said flying before the Wright brothers silenced all naysayers by flying over a distance of 852 feet in a flight that lasted 59 seconds. This was the birth of the aviation industry and it was never the same again since. The flyboard is another breakthrough that can not only be witnessed, but also experienced! For those looking for something more than just walking on water, flyboarding is the one of a kind experience you need to have on your bucket list.

What the Flyboard Basically Is

Flyboard is a board like device that elevates you up into the air on your command. We’ve all played make belief games as kids pretending to be superheroes who possess the power of flight. We can now fulfill our childhood fantasy of hovering high up into the air and flying wherever we want; all we have to do is basically lean in the direction we wish to go to. The air is all yours and for the entirety of your flight you will feel freer than you have ever felt before.

Additionally, one would naturally assume the price tag to something like the flyboard would be through the roof, given it is a breakthrough invention. However, rental flyboards at Gull Lake, Brainerd, MI have solved that problem. You don’t need to buy the entire equipment to enjoy the experience, renting is much more convenient and cost effective.

If you’re a resident of Gull Lake in Brainerd (MI), Crosslake in Brainerd (MI), Long Lake in New Brighton (MI) or the Minneapolis Area, then you’re in luck because rental flyboards are available in your area! You can take your family and friends down to skyhigh flyboard rentals to have the most fun you can have with water. With the growing popularity of flyboards, one would imagine they’d become just as widespread, but people often face difficulty in locating places that provide the flyboard experience.

How it works

Imagine the propulsion power of a Jet Ski, vertical and beneath your feet. That’s the basic and typical flyboard set up. The flyboard is connected to a hose and this hose is responsible for carrying the water being pumped in high pressure from the other end and out beneath your feet to produce enough propulsion to lift your weight off the water. The user can actually fly as high as 30 to 35 ft above the water! It doesn’t take weeks or days of training to try out the flyboard because it is incredibly user friendly.

The user’s safety is a priority in every flight which is why the control to the power of the flyboard is controlled by the instructor so they can mediate the pressure or propulsion according to your movements and adjust it to a level you can handle comfortably. By the way, the original developers of the Flyboard, Zapata Racing requires anyone interested in purchasing the flyboard from them to complete a training course. The user will have full control over everything including the direction of movement, but the propulsion power. The user can control their height nevertheless, by how they balance the board and shift their weight on it. Much like a segway that goes forward when you lean forward, and backwards when you lean backwards.

Safety Concerns

Did you know that flyboarding has actually been termed one of the safest sports that you can learn? Any accidents and injuries are pretty much unheard of when it comes to flyboarding in Gull Lake, Brainerd, MI. The instructor keeps a keen eye on you, especially if you’re a beginner. Since the propulsion power control is in the instructor’s hands, he/she will not let you go higher than a foot or two above water. So, in case you do fall, it feels like a cannonball in a swimming pool rather than falling from a greater height that makes the fall on the water surface feel more like concrete. The safety isn’t restricted to supervision and power controls though.

When you arrive at the flyboard rental on Gull Lake, Brainerd, MI, you will have to wear some personal protection gear before you can have a go at the flyboard. After signing the waiver form, you will be provided with a life jacket and helmet. Knowing how to swim helps, but if you don’t that’s completely fine because you’ll be spending most of your time in the air (if you get a hang of it) and you’ll stay afloat, thanks to the life jacket.

Your instructor will be on a Jet Ski and will try to keep an appropriate distance from you so that you don’t fall on the Jet Ski and land in the soft confines of the water only. Also, if you do fall in, your instructor will come towards you right away. Users are usually given proper and complete instructions concerning their fall in the water. They’re told that if they do land in water, they are to take their head out of the water being aware of their surroundings and locating the Jet Ski as soon as possible. Furthermore, one of things you can do as a user to protect yourself when you realize you’re beginning to fall is to simply turn your fall into a streamlined dive. With this simple maneuver, you can change flat thud on the water surface into a clean dive slicing through the surface without any pain whatsoever.

If you’re a beginner looking for flyboard rentals on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, here’s another pro tip you will be better off knowing: concentrate on a single point to maintain your balance! This one’s been used in yoga for years. While you’re holding a pose in yoga, you can focus your gaze onto a fixed point, this draws our awareness inward, leaving the mind undisturbed to any external stimuli. So, when you’re up there, try to concentrate on a single point in the distance landscape to stay in air for longer.

Why you should try flyboarding at least once in your life

Watersports are extremely fascinating for people. There’s an embedded sense of thrill, adventure and excitement in them. Take surfing for example; you get up on that surfboard and make your way to where the big waves hit. You align yourself with the waves and start paddling as the waves start to form. Then, seizing the moment, you stand on your surfboard and try to cover the length of the wave as it takes you forward. But there’s one relatively new water sport that stands out: flyboarding. You can rent flyboard at Gull lake in Brainerd, MI to get a taste of this emerging watersport.

What’s Flyboarding?

A flyboard is a jetpack that mounts securely onto your feet using bindings that are similar to shoes. It was initially created by Frank Zapata of Zapata racing, and has since then found its way into mainstream watersports.

It’s fast gaining popularity among adventurous teens and adults. The way it works is that there is a trainer on a jet-ski to which your flyboard pipe is attached. The pipe is supplied with a personal watercraft (basically the jet-ski) and it in-turn supplies the two gigantic nozzles at the bottom of the board that propel it forward. Rent flyboard in Gull lake in Brainerd, MI to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity, unless you’re a local.

What makes flyboarding different?

Where do we start? First off, you get a sense of what it feels like to fly and be underwater at the same time. Of course, you won’t start off like a pro as it obviously takes some getting used to. But once you rent flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI you’ll not want to leave without learning a few basic tricks. If you’ve read the story on one of our blogs, “Be the Tony Hawk of the Seas”, you’ll know just what you can do as you become a master flyboarder. Here’s why you should try it at least once in your life.

Anyone can do it!

That’s right! Even a beginner (we’re assuming you are one, correct?) such as you can enjoy fly boarding when you rent flyboard at Gull lake in Brainerd, MI. You need not be a pro, just listen to the instructions that your trainer or guide gives you and you’ll be flyboarding in no time. You no longer need an airplane to fly. When you get the hang of it and know how to maintain the right balance on your flyboard, you can perform amazing tricks like an S turn or a back flip.

Great choice for an outdoor activity!

When you have a party of 10-12 people, that’s when the fun really starts. Think about it! You have a few vacation days left before your high school, college or university starts, and your friends are just getting bored at home flicking through TV channels and counting the days until the educational institution opens. You would have to fly all the way to a coastal city to enjoy a sunny day at the beach. The travel time alone would be a turn off. You’ll be a party starter among your friends if you rent flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, and treat them to the amazing experience that is flyboarding.

Get over your fears with flyboarding

There are a lot of fears that every single one of the 7 billion+ people in this world have. Some of the most common fears are: fear of water, heights and falling. People have trouble facing and conquering these fears despite their best attempts. When you rent flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, you’re actually taking the first step to eliminate these three fears.

How’s that? Well, for one you’ll be up in the air most of the time and that’s where the fear of heights and falling stem from. Second, you’ll be instructed to take dives into the water once you get the hang of maintaining the flyboard’s balance and performing a few simple turns. Goodbye, fear of falling!

You’ll be exposed to water, thus conquering that last fear (of water). Also, there is an overpowering sense of exhilaration and you can feel the adrenaline pumping throughout your body when you rent flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI. Many individuals have shared their positive experiences with water boarding despite having had a fear of water before.

It’s an almost spiritual experience

The sparkling lake water has an almost irresistible charm to it. When you rent flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, you treat your senses to an unparalleled experience. Just imagine — you’re suspended almost 4-6 feet above water with nothing but beautiful sparkling water and mangroves surrounding you, and the clear blue sky overhead. Imagine the serenity of it all, and you haven’t even started flyboarding yet.

When you have had enough experience with flyboarding, you will be able to do 360 degree turns, backflip, dive bomb into the clear water and much more. It all starts with the first step: when you rent flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI.

Relax and enjoy the experience

Before you begin, it’s normal to be nervous or excited or even scared, but don’t let it overpower or consume you. Just be relaxed and calm as you will have all the safety gear that you need to protect you from any unforeseen injuries. There will always be a guide by your side, powering the PWC for your flyboard. Flyboarding is also considered very safe because of the amount of safety gear and precautions involved.

There will be an earpiece in your helmet to train you and guide you. If anything goes wrong, you’ll still be safe as your guide is also a trained life guard and swimmer. He will be able to save you in case you can’t resurface after taking the dive into the water.

Rent a flyboard

You can very easily rent flyboard at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI with Skyhigh Flyboards Rental and begin your journey to a literally uplifting experience.

Water Jet Packs vs. Flyboards – which one’s for you?

Man has always dreamed of flying and traveling. Both these dreams materialized the airplane was invented, and commercial flights started. But what about a solo, personal flight? That question was left for the future. But the future has arrived. If you have the financial muscle, you can rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area or a flyboard and fulfill your solo flight dream. You no longer have to spend your time in front of the TV, gaming consoles in hand, thinking, “When can I do this in real life?” You can go to some of the lakes and try a water jet pack or a flyboard. It is even said that kids learn how to ride a water jet pack before they learn how to drive.

Flying over water on your own

Have you seen people flying out of the lake with weird attachments on their feet or back? There’s always a jetski nearby. Do you think it looks amazing? Have you ever felt, “Hey! This looks like fun! I should try this!”? Well if you have, then you’re definitely interested in these new “Hydro Flight” watersports. When you rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area or a flyboard for that matter, you’ll be able to hover above the water (essentially fly), impressing people with the feats you perform in the air.

Flyboarding or water Jet packing is definitely something that you should try once in your life. The overwhelming feeling of excitement and the rush of adrenaline in every corner of your body… When you decide to rent water jetpack in Minneapolis area or a flyboard, you should know if you’re making the right decision. If you choose one and start to have second thoughts about your decision, half the fun will end there. So be sure to know whether the water jet pack or flyboard is the right choice for you. There are subtle differences in each that signal a different experience.

But before you rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area or a flyboard, you need to know what they are and how they work.

Flyboards – The more flexible alternative

A flyboard looks like a hovering skateboard due to its size. It is nothing like a skateboard. It is actually a cross between a hover board and a jet pack. It has a “shoe like” binding that securely latches onto your feet. There are two huge nozzles under the board itself that are powered by a long pipe connected to a jet ski (Personal watercraft or PWC). Water is thrust with high pressure through the pipe from the jet ski and thrown out of the two nozzles on the underside of the board.

Before you get a flyboard rental in Minneapolis area, you should know that the flyboard offers you much more flexibility than the jetpack. Flexibility in the sense that it allows you to do tricks similar to what you would do on a skateboard. These include anything from a backflip to a barrel roll and much more. So if you have muscle and joint pain or are older, but just looking to have an enjoyable time, the next section describes the best option for you when it comes to “Hydro Flight”.

Water Jet Packs – More Comfortable and Relaxing

Ah yes, the Water Jet Pack. Not quite as flexible as the flyboard which we talked about in the previous section, but that does not mean that it isn’t any less fun. When you rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area, you will get a weird looking contraption that goes on your back. The plus side is that there is a seat where you can be strapped in safely and securely. You can enjoy your personal flight safely and comfortably.

Another plus to rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area is that anyone can do it, regardless of age. A professional guide or trainer can be seated on the jetpack and you can get a “piggy back” jet pack ride if you’re elderly and have joint or muscle pain. The trainer will do all the work for you, and you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride along.

But for those who are interested in riding solo, when you rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area, you will be able to walk on water among many things. There are videos on the internet, in high definition, of people running across the surface of water with the help of a water jet pack.

It doesn’t take getting used to as there are handles which let you steer the jetpack the way you want. It’s definitely easier than the flyboard. Also if you’re a Grand Theft Auto fan, you can live out your jet pack fantasies in real life rather than only in the game. All you have to do is rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area.

No matter which one you opt for, there are a few things you should keep in mind for safety.

Safety Guidelines for “Hydro Flight” Equipment

1.      Keep a water bottle handy

Although you’re surrounded by water, none of it is for drinking. Be sure to have a water bottle with yourself to avoid dehydration.

2.      Swimming Knowledge counts

Although not a definite requirement to flyboard or water jet pack, it counts to have basic knowledge of swimming. If you fall into deep water, the lifeguard or guide may not be able to reach you really fast. That’s where your swimming skills may save your life. If your teen kids are trying flyboarding or water jet packs for the first time, it can be all the more advantageous if they know how to swim. Not only will they be able to maintain their balance, but they’ll be able to get out of a sticky situation quick.

3.      Know the Weather

It would be extremely sad if you planned your day for flyboarding on the lake and it rained all of a sudden. It just so happens that you skipped the weather forecast section in the paper or didn’t wait for the weatherman after the 9am news. It helps to know the weather forecast for the day you plan your flyboarding or jet pack excursions.

To rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area, get in touch with us at Skyhigh Flyboards Rental. We have flyboards too, if you’re interested.