The Similarities between Flyboarding & Snowboarding

With such a vast variety of sporting options, it can get rather confusing to decide which one is the best choice for you. All sports have their own plethora of benefits that are undeniably valuable to the average human being. While we get introduced to land sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading, ice-skating, etc., from a young age, other seasonal sports still seem to be unfamiliar to most people.

The newest and trendiest sport that almost everyone is highly obsessed with is flyboarding. If you’ve ever tried your hand at snowboarding, then it won’t come as a surprise to you that the hydroflying sport and the snow sport are actually very similar in nature due to the command over balance that is required, among other things.

Even the apparatus of a flyboard and a snowboard are rather similar in nature, even though the flyboard is much smaller in size – almost the size of a skateboard.

1.      Mechanism is Alike

One of the main similarities between a flyboard and a snowboard lies in the way both devices have been designed. Although the surface that both of these boards work on are very different, i.e. snow vs. water, the mechanism is still rather identical in nature. The gear that is used to attach or bind your feet to the boards has pretty much the same appearance, sense of feel and it also serves the same purpose – to hold your feet in place when you’re elevated above the ground.

Moreover, the flyboard works on not just one simple mechanism but a mixture of different mechanisms that serve different purposes. The board is there to hold both feet in place while the jet packs that are attached beneath the boots are in charge of giving you that boost that elevates you above the water. However, due to the fact that the hydroflying sport is relatively newer, the mechanism is still being tested by different brands that supply flyboarding equipment.

Both, the snowboard and the flyboard, have boots attached as a means to keeping your feet steady so during the activity, there won’t be a chance of slipping off the board and getting hurt – minimizing the injuries that one might incur especially on their first try at the sport.

2.      Equal Balance Required

The amount of balance that flyboarding requires is the same, if not more, in accordance to the balance that snowboarding requires. It’s certainly not possible to achieve such incredible balance on the very first try, but it definitely is possible to do so after enough training and practicing time.

However, any sport that involves a board also requires a great amount of control over the balance of one’s body. This is one of the main reasons why being atop a flyboard or a snowboard feels alike. In fact, if you have had a few years worth of practice in snowboarding, you won’t face even half the challenge that flyboarding throws at newbies.

Remember, it’s all about how much or how little control you have over the balance of your body at the end of the day. If you manage to ace this principle, you can really get on top of your flyboarding game in little to no time. Practice makes one perfect.

3.      Possibility of Injuries

Similar to how falling off a snowboard can cause a bunch of injuries to you, a flyboard can do just the same thing. Many people are under the assumption that flyboarding can’t possibly cause any injuries due to the surface that it is conducted on, which is water – but this is far from the truth.

Flyboarding takes you high above the water, at least 10-20 feet above, and if you happen to lose your balance at that height, you’re bound to fall into water. You may think that falling in or on water can’t possibly hurt much, but the truth is actually the complete opposite of this theory. It does hurt to fall from such a height, regardless of whether the surface is land, water or snow, and it may even cause some seriously strained muscles.

Injuries that are results of snowboarding tend to be a lot more harmful and they may even last longer depending on how bad the injury itself is. But, in both flyboarding and snowboarding, one can only get injured if they lose control of their balance when they are on the board.

4.      Snowboarding Tricks Can Be Performed on a Flyboard

If you’ve spent enough time on a snowboard, you must be very well aware of how to perform some crazy tricks on it. Many snowboarders who tried out flyboarding made an effort to attempt the same tricks on a flyboard, and needless to say, they were not disappointed.

Due to the similarities of the mechanism of both boards, the tricks are also rather identical and can be performed on either board. That being said, everything you may be able to do on a flyboard can’t possibly be achieved on a snowboard due to the difference in surface i.e. snow vs. water.

However, 360 degree flips, board grabs, back flips, etc., are all some of the main boarding trips and can be performed on either the flyboard or the snowboard. That’s also one of the reasons why a snowboarder can do flyboarding without having to go through the extensive procedure of flyboarding basics and newbie stuff.

5.      Similar Way to Control

As has been mentioned several times in the article, the main way to control any board, be it a flyboard, skateboard or snowboard, is by obtaining control over the balance of your body. Without legitimate control over the balance of your body, you won’t be able to master any sport that revolves around a board attached to your feet with the help of lacings and bindings.

If you don’t have a decent amount of control over your balance, you are bound to fall and fail at the sport because that’s basically the only thing you’ll need to control your board.

6 Tips to Follow For Your Safety in Flyboard Water Sport

Do you wish to fly through water and dive back in just like a dolphin? Then you should give flyboarding a try soon. It is referred to as the sports of future. It is suitable for those who are into adventurous activities and look forward to enjoying vacations in a fun and exciting way.

Beginners are advised to try this sport only under the supervision of an expert. No matter how adventurous you are, you must be careful about your safety. Flyboard is a hydroflight device that consists of a pair of boots connected to a board. There are hose pipes below the board that adjust water pressure and allow you to stay at required height.

Flyboarding is a relatively new water sport and its device was introduced in 2012. Safety factor was given preference while designing the device. Moreover, it is necessary to wear safety equipment. Since you cannot enjoy the sport frequently, a majority of tourists prefer to rent it when they visit a lake or beach. You can easily rent flyboard on Long Lake in New Brighton. Let’s look at the ways you can enjoy it without any safety concerns.

1.     Swimming:

When you go learning flyboarding, the instructor will ask you whether or not you know how to swim. Swimming is considered a pre-requisite for a majority of water sports. It allows you to enjoy water sports without any worries. Safety of participants is given a preference, but accidents may happen anytime. You will be at peace knowing that you are not at risk of drowning if you know how to swim.

You do not necessarily have to be a perfect swimmer. Just knowing its basics will do. However, the better you are at swimming, the lesser time it will take for the instructor to teach you about flyboarding. It is a safe sport that anyone can enjoy regardless of their age. You can rent flyboard in Long Lake in New Brighton. However, do not forget to get your safety gear to enjoy it without safety concerns.

2.     Age:

Before you intend to rent flyboard in Long Lake in New Brighton, make sure that you meet the required age criteria. Although flyboarding isn’t an age specific sport, local authorities or rental services define some terms and conditions to enjoy flyboarding. This is done for the safety of people who want to enjoy the sport. It is suitable for elders, but teenagers can also enjoy flyboarding after fulfilling certain requirements.

A majority of flyboard rentals recommend children below 18 years of age to visit with a guardian. They can enjoy the sport only under the supervision of an elder. A majority of states oblige rental companies to ensure that a guardian is present.

3.     Weight:

Your weight plays a crucial role in enjoying flyboarding. Do not forget to ask about weight limits when you go to rent a flyboard in Long Lake in New Brighton. Some rental companies may claim that you can easily enjoy the sport regardless of your weight. However, it is not physically possible due to some safety concerns.

It is recommended to do some research on your own. Also ask your trainer to suggest maximum weight limit considering the design of flyboard. Obese people usually find it difficult to maintain balance. The flyboard may not be able to successfully lift you out of water due to weight above maximum limit. These rules will ensure your safety when you plan to rent flyboard in Long Lake in New Brighton.

4.     Avoid Drinking:

No matter how much you love drinking on a vacation, it is not recommended before you go flyboarding. Keeping your balance is essential to fully enjoy the sport. However, having a glass of bear not only keeps you from maintaining your balance, it may also affect your health. Do not drink before going to rent flyboard in Long Lake in New Brighton. Instead, you can enjoy one after experiencing a ride.

5.     Safety Gear:

Safety equipment is considered a must to enjoy flyboarding. The design of a flyboard is suitable for people of all ages. It contains safety boots that you can fasten in order to maintain your balance. You can conveniently wear the kit that ensures your safety.

Along with the board, there are a few other safety gears too. Usually the company provides you with the equipment when you go to rent flyboard in Long Lake in New Brighton. It is necessary to wear a helmet and a life vest to prevent accidents. When you dive into water, your life will be at stake if there are rocks underneath. Safety gear will reduce the impact of collision and keep you safe.

6.     Comply With Instructions:

A flyboard is connected to a watercraft that creates tides. Your trainer will be on the watercraft to help you avoid mistakes. Moreover, trainers explain the method of using hydroflying device before going on an adventure. Make sure that you carefully understand these guidelines and act upon them during the experience.

Only experienced people with an aquatic license can train those who want to enjoy water sports. They know how to enjoy flyboarding while staying safe. Keep a safe distance from the wave-runner as a collision may lead to severe injuries.

Flyboarding is an adventurous sport. You can make the most of this fun experience by following the safety rules. They help you fully enjoy it while staying away from accidents. Make sure that your trainer holds a valid license for training before trying to rent flyboard in Long Lake in New Brighton. Do not panic and instead just focus on maintaining your balance in the air.

Skyhigh Flyboards Rental facilitates you to enjoy water sports. You can purchase your own set or rent one if you are on a vacation. Water sports are suitable for teenagers and elders. You can ensure your safety by getting proper safety gear. Moreover, experienced guides also explain the best method of using it. They accompany you on your adventure to decrease the risk of any accident. Contact them to order your kit today.

Here’s Why You Need to Try Flyboarding

One of the best things about living in the 21st century is being able to use modern technology! So many cool new things that were merely figments of imagination before and weren’t even possible have now turned into a reality.

The popular sci-fi classic “Back to the Future” intrigued the viewers with the concept of a hovering skate board or perhaps a hoverboard and we haven’t been able to forget about it since then. Our patience has been fruitful because we are living in a time and age where we can set off into the air with nothing but propulsion beneath out feet and water to serve as the safety net. It has been long awaited. It is the hip new thing everyone is talking about. It’s here. It’s fun, and it’s called the flyboard (also known as water jet board)!

Flyboard is the closest we have come to Back to the Future’s hovering board concept. Plus, if you trip, you won’t be met with the hard asphalt beneath you and receive injuries. Flyboards are used over lakes and sometimes seas, so in case you experience a bit of a learning curve during your first go at the flyboard, you can just dive into the water. This only adds to the fun! Pros even dive in and out like a dolphin, but it’ll take some practice before you master the flyboard.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you need to try out the flyboard:

It’s fun, and it’s safe: The flyboard is the cool new watersport everyone is talking about. Despite its rather extreme aura, people of all ages can try it out. There’s nothing quite like being able to navigate in nothing but thin air using only your movements, which is why it’s a must have on your bucket list if you haven’t marked it already. You will be accompanied by your trainer, so you don’t have to be worried about any operational complications. Once you get a grip, you can even buy your own flyboard.

  • It’s an exercise: Those you who haven’t been on a flyboard might imagine it to be something you stand on idol while it takes you around. You do stand on it, but it is a calorie consuming activity. Three essential factors determine how many calories you burn on the flyboard. They are: the duration you spend on the flyboard, your weight, and your age. In fact, if you’ve been snowboarding and surfing before, you know it’s much more than standing. Flyboarding feels similar to surfing or snowboarding, and you might gain a good control on it if you have been practicing either one of those activities before.
  • It’s a muscle workout: Most of the work done while you are on the flyboard is from your core abdomen and legs to maintain the proper posture and balance yourself out. So, every time you have a go at the flyboard, you will be working out your core and legs! In fact, it is recommended to exercise your core so as to facilitate the right posture and thereby, reducing the strain on the lower back. Additionally, strong abdominal muscles mean you can distribute your upper body weight evenly on the flyboard with relative ease. It’s all about the maintaining balance and you can’t do that without working those abdominal and leg muscles.
  • You’ll get your share of Vitamin D: Flyboarding is an outdoor activity that is carried out in open lakes and other water bodies, which means a decent sun exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is one essential micronutrient that we depend on the sun for. To point out some of the functions of Vitamin D, it facilitates phosphorus and calcium absorption, it plays a role in normal immune system function, it reduces acne, stimulates the production of collagen, promotes elasticity and reduces the occurrence of dark spots on your skin. Flyboarding is a great way to get your essential dose of natural Vitamin D while having the time of your life!
  • The Adrenaline rush: For those of you who like the thrill of the adrenaline rush, you will not be disappointed by the flyboard experience whatsoever. Adrenaline is the fight or flight hormone in the body that prepares the body by increasing the blood flow to the muscles, dilating pupils for better vision, gives instant energy by providing glucose to muscles, dilates the air passage in the lungs for increase oxygen supple and respiration and alters the metabolism to maximize blood glucose primarily for the brain. These instantaneous super human effects of adrenaline release are what thrill seekers crave the most and the flyboard will deliver nothing less than that.
  • It reduces stress: There have been studies showing that spending some time by the sea side or the beach can actually decrease the risk of depression and reduce anxiety levels. But, we don’t really need scientific papers to know that, do we? One trip to the beach is all it takes one to know how it’s an excellent way to unwind. Flyboarding is a variant of this and decreases stress, anxiety and risk of depression in a thrilling, fun filled way. While you hover around, making your way inside and out of the water, you will leave behind all your worries and indulge into the refreshing water sport of flyboarding.
  • It clears your lungs: Beside the adrenaline induced bronchodilation, flyboarding has another health benefit specifically for the lungs. Studies have shown that exposure to sea water and ocean air can help you improve your lung function and clear them out. The subjects in study were exposed to the ocean air and were found to have improved lung function, reduced sinus related congestion and experienced ease in breathing. In fact, sea water exposure has also been linked with helping the management of cystic fibrosis (a genetic disorder) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • It may even heal your skin: Sea salt has been shown to relieve dry and itchy skin. It can even be used to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. This is possible because sea salt has the ability to open up your skin pores, improve blood circulation and hydrate the epidermal tissue. So, after a long session on the flyboard, your skin might actually feel softer, supple and fresher to touch.

Flyboarding Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

Among all the different sports around the world, flyboarding has grown in popularity – without a doubt. The plethora of benefits that comes with the uniquely designed hydroflying water sport is truly undeniable. The sport has quickly soared in popularity and opens up a whole new door to memorable adventures because let’s face it: flyboarding is one of the best sports out there.

However, there have been a lot of instances in which first timers actually faced some serious injuries as a result of the sport, which is why we considered it necessary to display some flyboarding tips and tricks so future boarders won’t have to face the same injuries.

1.      Pay Close Attention to the Instructor

In the midst of the adrenaline rush and excitement of trying such an exhilarating sport out, many people are tempted to do their own thing when it comes to flyboarding. While there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’ve completed the training procedure, newbies are advised to be safe rather than sorry when they’re on their flyboard for the first time.

Many flyboarding guides or instructors notably face a lot of difficulty when it comes to instructing the novices because so many of them are interested in doing their own thing, but there is also the possibility of serious injuries and/or damages. However, if the first timer is not careful enough, they might hurt themselves ghastly enough to have a completely different perception of such an amazing sport.

2.      Don’t Drink & Flyboard

There have been plenty of incidences when first time flyboarding students have committed the absurd act of showing up to their flyboarding session drunk, or while under the influence of some drug. As far as the statement “don’t drink & drive” goes, it also applies to any other activity that requires one to have complete control over the balance of their body such as flyboarding or snowboarding.

As aforementioned, the amount of balance and control that the sport entails you to have, makes it impossible for one to give apt performance if they happen to be drunk or tipsy. It is also one of the main regulations of flyboarding that the trainees are required to be completely clean when they come to their flyboarding training classes.

3.      Bumps & Bruises Aren’t Rare When Flyboarding

You may be under the impression that flyboarding can’t possibly hurt you due to the fact that the sport is conducted in water under the open sky. However, bumps and bruises are frequently attained by first time flyboarders since a 10-something-foot-fall is bound to hurt you regardless of the surface you’re falling on.

Due to this reason and other safety concerns, it’s advisable that you opt for legitimate flyboard equipment, such as a helmet, to ensure nothing happens if you do happen to fall. If you opt to buy flyboard instead of renting it, you are sure to find some amazing deals that give you additional gear along with the board itself.

4.      Prepare Your Core Muscles In Advance

If you search for an in-depth guide on flyboarding, you’re sure to find the obvious similarities between the hydroflying water sport and other sports such as snowboarding. The main similarity between flyboarding and snowboarding is that both sports require a good amount of balance and control over muscles, i.e. leg and ankle strength and core muscles.

Leg and ankle strength are two of the main things that you must practice and master because these two things are entirely in charge of steering the flyboard into the direction that you want to steer it in. Although the throttle attached to the board will help you greatly in this regard – i.e. steering the flyboard with accuracy – muscles also play a huge role in this segment.

5.      Flyboarding is Not a Safe Sport for Pregnant Women

If you’re relatively new to flyboarding, you might just want to jump right into it regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not. However, it is advisable at all costs to avoid such vigorous sports if you happen to be a pregnant woman, due to the fact that such vigorous activity can cause great harm to the unborn child.

For this reason, flyboarding is off limits to pregnant woman and rightly so. Whether your baby is 7 months away or 2, it’s better to just lay off vigorous sports and activities until after the baby has arrived into the world. There are still a lot of other things that pregnant women can do if they intend to stay fit and in shape – such as yoga.

6.      Patience is Virtue

A lot of people tend to lose their patience when it comes to flyboarding because it does require a lot of time to really master the sport. Many people tend to leave flyboarding half way just because they fall under the false assumption that maybe it just isn’t for them.

However, as with all other sports, flyboarding requires a good amount of determination and patience in order to really become a professional at it. The good part is that the hydroflying sport has risen so much in popularity due to it’s incredibly fun and energetic nature.

7.     You Don’t Necessarily Have to Buy Flyboard

You may be under the impression that you would have to buy flyboard in order to really practice the exciting water sport. But the good news is that that’s not really a necessity. There are so many companies that offer great prices for flyboard for sale, flyboard parts and flyboard equipment as well.

If you’re good with tools, you can assemble your own flyboard in no time, although it won’t be easy or cheap either. However, this is only advisable for those who have attempted to do so at some point in their life. If you are interested to buy flyboard or flyboard parts at the cheapest rates possible, visit Skyhigh Flyboards to find the best possible prices and flyboarding gear today.

Flyboarding: The Future of Watersports

Flyboarding might just be the future of watersports. If you’ve had a knack for the adrenaline rush and watersports, then the flyboard might just be the ultimate synergistic combination of the two. It’s a thrilling, fun filled and energy intensive exercise that provides a liberating sense of freedom when you hover off the water surface flying around wherever you please.

How it came into being

The flyboard is a recent invention. It was developed by Franky Zapata in France and it wasn’t until 2012 that the flyboard was available in the market. The idea of a flying board stemmed from the Jetlev’s R200 Flyer. The idea for the Jetlev R200 itself was conceived back in 2000 and it took around a decade to bring it to the market.

The flyboard is an impressive jet powered watercraft that you can dart back and forth like a silver surfer. These flyboards are basically water jetpacks that enable you to do all kinds of crazy maneuvers in air once you develop a firm grasp on its controls. It takes some practice, but soon you can be flipping, spinning, diving in and out of the water like a pro. On average, it only takes 3 – 7 minutes of practicing the basic maneuvers until you can glide above the ocean surface with grace and majesty. However, if you have already had some experience with other board sports like snowboarding, then the flyboard might come just as naturally to you and you might not even need to practice.

Also, you don’t need to be young and agile to try the flyboard either. It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 70, it is an age friendly sport and easy to maneuver for people of varying ages. The flyboard might just be what you’ve always wanted to do.

Let’s take a quick look at how the flyboard basically works

The user begins by strapping their feet into the flyboard, binding them to the board. Under each foot is a water jet pack that receives its supply of water from a Jet Ski. This Jet Ski is a part of the flyboard and attached to it with a long tube which carries the water and an adapter.

The water is pumped from the Jet Ski, along the connection tube and propelled out from the jet pack components beneath each of your feet to produce enough thrust to lift you up into the air and perform all those feats of maneuverability and skill. Unlike the jetpack prototypes out there, the flyboard uses water propulsion so you don’t have to worry about unprecedented fuel combustion.

That’s not all though; the throttle of the Jet Ski, called the Personal Water Craft or PWC is responsible for controlling the level of pressure that comes out of the flyboard. A very important function indeed. So, when you press down on the throttle, the energy is directed toward the tube to provide the flyboard with increased propulsion. If you’re trying out the flyboard for the first time, your certified instructor will be regulating the propulsion for you. But, when you’ve got accustomed to it and feel you are ready to step up your game, you can get your adapter (commonly referred to as the electronic management kit).

The direction you want to glide towards is determined by the distribution of your weight on the flyboard. Therefore, pretty much all of your movements will be controlled by your stance and the direction of your feet. So, if you want to go forward, all you have to do is lean forward and if you want to rise further up, just stand straight to elevate perfectly vertical.

Quick Guide for Beginners

One of the best things about the flyboard is how user friendly it is. One would imagine it’ll take weeks of training, but that is not the case. You can grow into your flyboard in your first go. If you haven’t had the exhilarating flyboarding experience as yet, then you must try it out because you don’t have to do too much to learn it.

Here’s a quick guide to learn to flyboard in a few easy steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is jump into a wet suit, and put on a helmet and life jacket. Then, you’re ready to strap your feet into the flyboard boots on the boat or the docking platform.
  2. Once you’re suited up and wearing your personal protection gear, lie down in the water with your stomach down and face away from the Personal Water Craft. This is when your certified instructor will power up the flyboard and start it up by giving the waverunner small quantities of gas.
  3. When you feel the flyboard starts tugging at your feet, this means that the Personal Water Craft thrust has been initiated and it will start pushing you through the water. It’s best to give yourself a few minutes to grow accustomed to the feel of being propelled into the water. You can even play around with it if you like.
  4. Once you get used to the propulsion, your personal water craft operator can then step it up by providing even more gas and this will increase the amount of propulsion beneath your feet. Once this occurs, place your feet beneath so that you go upward and out of the water. Once you rise over the water surface, it is important not to look down if you want to stay there for longer. First time flyboarders make the amateur mistake of looking down as soon as they rise up, this will move your center of gravity forward and consequently, you will lose your balance. You can control the direction of your flight with the direction of your feet. Level the feet if you want to go up, move your toes up if you want to go backward and move your toes down to go forward.

Even if you do feel off balanced and anticipate your fall, you need not worry because the water will cushion the fall so you can rip right out of it again and back up in the air!

Overcome Your Fears with Flyboarding

“To get past one’s fears and mental issues, one must be able to dream fully and make those dreams come to life at any and every cost.”

There are around 7 billion people in the world, and almost all of them have fears that they just cannot get past despite their best tries. Depression, anxiety, and other related issues are prevalent and on the rise in the world that we live in and all we are given to combat these issues are simple medications that might just worsen one’s state of mind to the point of no return.

The fact of the matter is that one doesn’t need an extra dose of medication to improve their state, in fact, what they really need is an enthralling adventure. Have you ever had a dream where you were walking on top of the open ocean like it was merely land? Or have you just simply wanted to walk on water without having to worry about drowning? What if you were told that you can do more than just walking on water? Well, don’t gasp in disbelief because it’s totally possible to do so!

Flyboarding – An Experience You Will Never Forget

If you’ve ever wanted to bungee jump or scuba dive, or if you’ve ever successfully performed those two sports, then you’re obviously aware of the adrenaline rush these activities fulfill. But there’s something new in town, although it’s not really that new, but believe us when we tell you that it’s one of the best water sports out there – flyboarding!

There’s something for everyone when it comes to flyboarding. It’s an amalgamation of a skateboard and a snowboard combined with the super awesome technology and mechanism of a hover board. Once you add jet packs to the mix, you’ll get a hint of an idea of what you should expect with flyboarding. It’s truly one of the best experiences you can ever ask for.

What if You Have Fear Of Water?

Flyboarding can definitely help you get over your fear of water due to the nature of the brilliant water sport. When you’re flyboarding, there’s nothing but an ecstatic feeling rushing through your veins and releasing positive energies into your brain and body. There have been a lot of people who were highly afraid of water, but when it came to flyboarding, they had nothing but positive experiences to share with their friends and family members.

How Can Flyboarding Help Your Health?

Picture it: Being atop the open ocean, with nothing but the wide blue sky seamlessly stretched above your head, as you experience what we would refer to as the greatest experience you can ever ask for. The ocean is a great place and with enough experience in flyboarding, you may even be able to do 360-degree spins above the ocean which is definitely going to be the most amazing thing you ever do.

Just being by the open ocean is a feeling of tranquility and serenity and it truly is an unmatchable feeling. Nothing in the world really feels as peaceful as it. However, when you get your flyboards out, you can even experience the most fun kind of sport there is out there! Confused? Read on!

Relax Your Mind Before You Begin

Often times, people worry about there being strange things present within the ocean, but let yourself know that this will not be the case. Flyboarding isn’t just done on top of any part of the ocean; there are specific measures that are taken when it comes to flyboarding.

As with all other sports and activities, a lifeguard is always present and will come to the rescue when necessary so you really don’t have to worry about precautions. However, if you’re prone to sea sickness, be extra careful because well, you will be above the ocean.

How Do You Use a Flyboard?

Enough talk about how good flyboarding is, and let’s get to the main part about how to use a flyboard. The mechanism of a flyboard is rather different in comparison to other boards, i.e. a hover board, skateboard or snowboard. It is like a skateboard only due to its size, a snowboard due to the straps on both feet and like a hover board, well because you’re going to be hovering over water! The flyboard is also hooked to two jet skis, one under every foot, which is responsible for elevating you over the sea.

Moving on, the first step when using a flyboard is to strap your feet tightly onto the board with the help of the straps attached to it. Next, you must maintain perfect balance of your body as well as your mind because you will need it to control the board on your own. However, practicing control and balance before you attempt to get on a flyboard can help you greatly for this purpose.

Now that you’re all comfortable and strapped into the flyboard, you press the throttle which sends out water in full speed, which will be boosting and elevating you above the water in the blink of an eye, so you better be prepared for the thrill of that! However, it’s completely okay if the first few times you’re a little shaken and unable to maintain your poise, because that’s how any water sport is in the beginning.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll even be able to do cool tricks when flyboarding such as diving, 360-degree spins and a lot more!

Buy a Flyboard OR Rent One!

If you just want to try out flyboarding because of how awesome the sport is, you should be pleased to know that it’s not necessary for you to buy one. You can easily find a really cool flyboard that can do the perfect job for you. Plus, it’s really cheap if you buy it from Sky High flyboards – the one stop shop for everything that you need regarding flyboards! Contact them today on their website to get the best flyboards on the best price.

An In-Depth Elucidation of Flyboarding

In this day and age, there are over a thousand sports that one can engage in, not just for the purpose of living a healthy and active life, but also to pass their time in something that is both, fun and exciting. Water sports seem to be on the rise in this regard, especially the renowned water sport “flyboarding”. The best thing about the sport, which s also the main thing that it is known for, is that it is a lot like riding a hover board, but atop the open ocean.

Of course, such an experience is too exciting and unique to be missed out on. Thus, various companies that specialize in sporting gear and equipment based in all seven continents present on earth, haven’t wasted a single moment to gather their gears and set up opportunities for people to experience what it’s like to be on a flyboard.

Despite the multitude of opportunities open to people who are interested in the water sport, many are still double minded about whether they should or shouldn’t test the sport. As with all other unique water sports, such as Scuba diving, the thrill and adrenaline rush that you get with flyboarding does require some serious guts.

Conversely, it’s not even half as dangerous as you may think. But, here are some facts that you must know, if you wish to flyboard like a professional!

A Short Summary of Flyboarding

We’ve all owned an exclusive skateboard as teenagers, and most of us have done very well in mastering the art of it. Similar to the thrill and skill of that sport, flyboarding also requires one to have an equal amount of control over the balance of their body as well as their mind. Think more along the lines of a collaboration of a snowboard and a skateboard, and viola! There’s your flyboard! But no, you can’t make one yourself because the mechanism is rather complicated.

The real difference between skateboarding and flyboarding is that flyboarding is conducted upon the vast ocean, granted that there is no oceanic wildlife nearby. And of course, the mechanism of a flyboard is a lot different than that of a skateboard or even a hover board. A flyboard will generally have a separate water jet pack attached to each foot, under the straight skateboard-like-board which features straps for each foot.

Can Flyboarding Harm You?

Flyboarding is a unique sport and it cannot be mastered if one does not have a strong control over their body as well as their mind. If you tend to lose your calm and panic instead, then you might wish to reconsider. But even if you do wish to make an attempt, you’ll be fine because you can’t possibly hurt yourself too badly. Besides, you’re only falling on water! You may sprain a few muscles if you’re not careful though!

However, it must also be noted that there is a certain age limit for flyboarding. Anyone under 13 years is not allowed due to the slight possibility of risks that may occur. You must have a decent command over your balance and some basic swimming experience. Other than these few things, there haven’t been any deaths reported as a result of flyboarding, so there’s not much to worry about.

Flyboarding is Actually Great for Your Health

In day to day life, it can get rather difficult to take enough time out for yourself, especially with a job that takes up most, if not all, of your time. However, flyboarding is so good for your health that experts actually recommend the water sport highly. It is also highly recommended for people who tend to suffer from anxiety or depression. The adrenaline rush one gets from the water sport is also attainable through other sports such as scuba diving, but that can elevate your levels of anxiety and if you have a fear of heights, you might as well just lean towards flyboarding due to the ease and comfort you get from it.

The adrenaline rush that you get from flyboarding is also responsible for releasing chemicals into your brain that cause you to feel happy and at the top of your game. Not even kidding, try it for yourself! Not only is it fun and thrilling, it also helps you burn some calories in addition to the good supply of Vitamin D you get from being under the open sky.

The sea salt from the ocean also has notable properties that are good for your skin, hair and general wellbeing. Sea salt also contains properties that make it great for the purpose of cleansing out your lungs, diminishing any signs of chest congestion as well as ensuring a much healthier and stronger immune system.

However, as with any other machine or equipment that you may use in salt water, your flyboard will require a fresh water flush from time to time to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible. The equipment also does require some amount of servicing from time to time, because the tube and water jet packs attached to the feet might get rusty causing them to stop working as properly as before.

Do You Have to Own a Flyboard?

No. If you’re interested in trying out the amazing water sport but are confused about whether you’ll have to buy a flyboard for the purpose, then let us tell you that it isn’t necessary. If you are good at assembling parts, you must be pleased to hear that you can buy flyboard equipment or flyboard parts in order to put together your own flyboard. There are several companies that have exclusive discounted rates on flyboards for sale or for rent.

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Flyboarding is so Awesome! Here are 5 Top Reasons why you should give it a try!

Whether you love sports or love the water, watersports are the most enjoyable form of sports. Not only will they satisfy your cravings for adventure, but you’ll enjoy doing them tremendously. Sports can be overwhelming sometimes, and if you’re torn about picking one sport, we suggest you try flyboarding. You can easily rent a flyboard in Minneapolis Area whenever you want. But what is flyboarding, exactly? Let’s find out.

What’s Flyboarding?

Flyboarding is one of the most adventurous, fun-filled and exciting types of watersports there is on the planet. You can find it on the most popular beaches including many in Dubai, Australia, Florida and some lakes right here in our very own Minneapolis. The Flyboard originated in France by Zapata Racing. It’s the brainchild of Frank Zapata, who created this contraption with thrill seekers in mind.

The Flyboard is a personal jetpack that you can easy bind to your feet using the bindings that accompany it. Water is sucked up from a pump attached to a hose that powers the flyboard. Water is thrown out of the two nozzles on the underside of the flyboard to create immense pressure, lifting you over the ground. The nozzles can swivel because of the bearings attached to them. You can rent a flyboard in Minneapolis area to have fun with this innovative technology.

Why is it so Awesome?

Now that we’ve got the description out of the way, the real fun can start. Have you ever wanted to fly? Well, you can rent a flyboard in the Minneapolis area and get started right away. With the increasing popularity of watersports in recent years, you can enjoy both water and air using the flyboard.

The conventional sports, swimming, deep sea diving, kite and regular surfing and snorkeling have their own appeal, and many people try these sports just because of how exciting and fun they are. But the real fun begins when you rent a flyboard in the Minneapolis area, put on your protective gear and take to the skies, literally, by flyboarding. This isn’t just a trend that will dissipate in a few years’ time, flyboarding is here to stay.

1.      You’ll be able to unlock an ability you never knew you had

“You feel something. You dream of flying!” – Around the World in 80 Days. Movies such as Back to the Future, Around the world in 80 Days and Spider Man have nurtured our love for flying. If you also dreamt of flying, now’s your  chance! When you rent a flyboard in the Minneapolis area, whether you’re a local or here on vacations, you can fly. Unlike conventional watersports, in flyboarding, you are lifted off the ground/water but over a stream of water you so you’re essentially flying and performing tricks in the air. Of course that will come with practice.

2.      Getting closure with water

Who gets excited when they visit the beach? Can we have a show of hands? If you raised your hand, you’re like most of us. Water naturally fascinates us. Whether it’s the community pool or the beach, there’s something about dipping your feet in water or splashing around in it waist deep. Watersports are different from any other kind of sports as they give us that closure with the water that we long for. Our bodies are made of 65% water and the world, even more so.

No wonder we enjoy watersports so much. Flyboarding combines the joy of being close to water with the sense of weightless in the air. Its way more fun that just splashing about or even swimming in the water. All you have to do is rent a flyboard in the Minneapolis area, buckle up with safety gear, and enjoy. If you know swimming, you’ll be at an advantage if you lose your balance.

3.      Helps you get that summer body

If you’ve been going to the gym but haven’t got the results you needed after countless hours of cardio, pushing and pushing weights, maybe you need something new and exciting. You may have just gotten bored of the same old routine and now flyboarding can be your gateway to the toned body you wanted. When you rent a flyboard in the Minneapolis area, you’ll work the core muscles of your body, trying to balance yourself on the flyboard.

Flyboarding does take some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back. It’s just that much fun. You’ll get that perfectly toned summer body in the process if you just keep at it. The same principle that applies to surfers and swimmers will apply to you. Just rent a flyboard in the Minneapolis area, go to one of the lakes that offer a flyboard training and get started.

4.      Remember your resolution: trying something new, fun and exciting.

Do you remember the resolutions that you made at the start of the year? Even if you don’t, it’s never too late to make one now! Make a resolution to try something new before the year ends. Flyboarding will provide you with the ultimate experience of a lifetime, even if you “fly” it once. If you’re the adventurous type and are a Minneapolis local, flyboarding is the perfect way to break your comfort zone without breaking your budget. No need to go on an expensive vacation to Dubai just for flyboarding. You can do it right here. Just rent a flyboard in the Minneapolis area and give it a try.

5.      Satisfies your adventure bug like nobody’s business

If you have been bitten, there’s no escape. When you give flyboarding a try, you’ll have such a massive release of endorphins (the “feel-good” hormones), and later, adrenaline, that you won’t want to go back. There’s just a certain mystifying calm after you do watersports. You feel energized, relaxed and free of fatigue. You might even stick to it if you like it.

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Water jet packs have redefined the concept of ‘fun’ in and above water

Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? If so, you might recall mission number 72, codenamed the Black Project. It’s the one where a character called “The Truth” tells Carl Johnson (the main character) about a secret military base that carries out research and is currently developing something called the black project. Not to spoil the game for those who haven’t played, but the black project was actually a jet pack. A version of this jet pack is now available. You can rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI to enjoy a fun filled day flying above the lake.

How is a Water Jet Pack different from a Flyboard?

Fan fiction and jokes aside, when you rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI, the experience is seriously cool. The first thing that you need to know is that the water jet pack and the flyboard are different. First off, the jet pack is much easier to operate than a flyboard, whereas the latter allows more flexibility. The jet pack does the heavy lifting for you whereas in the flyboard, you have to use your core muscles to maneuver it around and perform tricks.

On a flyboard, you have to stand and maintain your balance, using your toes and knees to move forwards and backwards. No such balancing act is required when you rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI. There is a seat where you can sit and have the 30-pound jet pack strapped to your back that you just have to steer the pack to perform tricks. If you’re scared to ride it for the first time, you can take a “piggy-back” ride with the trainer and experience the same thrill that a normal thrill seeker would.

The Learning Curve

When you rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI, there is a short learning curve that you have to go through. After you’re through, you will be left wanting more. But know that it’s not as simple as riding a jet ski or as complex as its counterpart, the flyboard.

Learning the basics just takes a couple of minutes as you’re guided by the instructor in the helmet’s ear piece that is available with the water jet pack’s safety gear. They’ll tell you how to lift off and be nearby in a jet ski that is powering your jet pack with high pressure water. If you get stuck anywhere, they’ll tell you what to do. Pretty soon you’ll be hovering a few meters above water performing basic tricks such as pirouettes.

The Beauty of Water Jet Packs

First off you get to fly over the lake when you rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI. As mentioned, you would need some practice to get the hang of it, however. But let’s not forget the prize here: it gives you more than a golden chance to fly – it allows you to walk on and dive into the water. It’s a toy made for the big boys, designed for excitement and adventure.

Thrill seekers and adventurers the world over are travelling to exotic locations such as Dubai and Miami to experience this sport first hand. It’s become extremely popular on picnics and trips. The best part, you can easily rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI to be a part of this thrilling revolution. Here are a few things that you should also know about water jet packs.

1.      Feels like an amusement park ride from outer space

Anyone who wishes to rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI, will experience 4 things: they’ll be suspended from a great height, free to move at that height, feel weightlessness and unparalleled excitement, the same excitement that people experience on a roller coaster. Weightlessness occurs because the force of gravity on your body (i.e. your weight) is being countered by the jet propelled force of water.

The best part of this experience is that your jet pack doesn’t require much struggle to maneuver and go, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about control that you may have to worry about, if you try the flyboard.

2.      Wear your contacts or glasses at all times during the ride

If you wear glasses or contacts, without which you cannot see well, you should wear them. Looking clearly where you’re going is necessary when you rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI. If you’re wearing contacts at the time of flight, just close your eyes if you go into the water and listen to the sound of the guide’s voice, directing you on how to get out of water and into the air.

Goggles can fall off mid-flight so wearing glasses is a better idea. If you’re worried about losing them in water, you should also consider investing in a sport strap for them. Not only will it look stylish, but it will hold them in place when you maneuver yourself through the air.

3.      You can perform tricks without being a pro

Communication on the go is what makes the water jet pack a great sport. Whenever you get stuck, the earpiece in your helmet will allow the guide to get you out of trouble. They can help you perform basic tricks such as low hovering and donut turns, and yes, even underwater submarine maneuvers.

The most basic trick that you can do when you rent a water jet pack at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI is the “no handed fly”. The control arms that are attached to the flyboards and water jet packs alike are used for balance and support. But with the water jet pack, if you leave them, they will retain their position. All you will have to do is to let them go and they’ll stay in position. You can then use your bodyweight to steer the water jet pack. But this can only happen once you have enough practice to feel incredibly confident and comfortable.

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Become the Tony Hawk of the Seas with Flyboards

Do you love sports? How about skating and surfing? Flyboarding is a unique watersport that combines the two in one compact package. It’s even better if you love water. You can easily get a flyboard rental on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI to try flyboarding there. It allows you to perform tricks similar to skating, such as backflips while you’re in the air, propelled by streams of water.

It’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it! However, it does help if you have some tips to help you learn and perform those tricks on the flyboard. Although it will take loads of practice to achieve “Tony Hawk of the Seas” status, you can still benefit from knowing the basics of flyboarding when you get a flyboard rental on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI.

Tips for your First Flyboarding attempt

1.      Don’t Drink and Flyboard

When you go for your first flyboarding attempt by getting a flyboard rental at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, just remember that alcohol is not your friend. You need to be in full control of your flyboard, not the other way around. When the jet ski’s throttle (PWC) pumps water to your flyboard’s nozzle, you are the one controlling it. Water flows through a tube with high pressure, similar to that of a fire hydrant, so it is important to control its speed and flow. The higher the pressure, the higher the speed, making flyboarding, one hell of a thrill ride! If you are not able manage it, you’ll be in deep water, literally.

If your knees are wobbling and bending when you’re not supposed to turn, you’re bound to fall in water. So when you get a flyboard rental at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI you should be alert enough to maneuver it properly, without toppling and falling over.

2.      Safety first

This cannot be emphasized enough. When you try flyboarding, chances are that you won’t ace it from the start. You might stumble or fall in water, which is perfectly fine. In any case, there will be a guide on a jet ski nearby, who know how to swim and will be there to rescue you. Make sure that you listen to what your guide tells you when you get a flyboard rental at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI.

Pay close attention when they talk about getting on to the platform with the flyboard, and putting on lifejackets and helmets (that cover your ears). They are specifically trained on how to use a flyboard. Once you’ve safely fastened your gear, listen to the instructions from your guide and follow them “to the T” so that your attempt is successful. When you get a flyboard rental at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, you will get an accompanying guide to help make your first attempt a successful one.

3.      The Balancing Act

As described in 1, the jet ski powers your flyboard and lets you be in control of the speed at high pressure. It’s all about maintaining balance, similar to a hover board and skates. You need to balance yourself and gain momentum the way you do while you’re on a hover board, tipping backwards and forwards to move. The same principle applies when you get a flyboard rental at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI.

Once you “find your center” on the flyboard, it’s time for your first trick. Bend your left knee when you want to go right, bend your right knee if you want to go left. Try to make the letter “S” for your first trick using these movements while you stabilize yourself using your hands. You obviously need to crawl before you walk, so consider this crawling before you learn how to walk and then run. This amazing experience is only possible when you get a flyboard rental at Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI.

4.      Don’t be Scared or overwhelmingly excited.

It’s okay to be a little nervous when on your first flyboard rental in Brainerd, MI but it is important that your mind and body are completely relaxed before you begin to ride the flyboard. Don’t let fear overwhelm you to the point that you are not in control of your actions.

It is also not a good idea to be overwhelmingly hyper and lose control. Its fine that you liked the stunts that were performed by people in the Flyboarding championship videos on YouTube, but know that those individuals have gone through rigorous practice and mastered the art of flyboarding before they entered championships. That’s why they are able to perform the stunts that they do. Everything will come to you in due time with dedication and practice.

Interesting Story

There are no limits to what you can do with a flyboard. As you learn to master the skills involved with riding a flyboard, you may become an invaluable asset for a sea-bound party on a Catamaran.

A catamaran is ideal for some personal time on the ocean, until the wind blows a little too hard and you lose your balance, tipping your catamaran.

A video was being filmed in the Mission Bay in San Diego showing a flyboarder come out of water with his “jet ski-equipped” guide by his side. As the video goes on, you can see the flyboarder as he does some amazing S-turns, and dives into water. As the video progresses, you can see that a nearby catamaran comes into view, sailing along leisurely. The catamaran suddenly tips over, but something unexpected happens. The flyboarder rushes in to help whoever was on that catamaran.

The flyboarder heroically rushes in to lift the sail of the catamaran out of water, up-righting it. The woman who had fallen off of it, jumps back on board as the flyboarder celebrates by doing a backflip. It’s oddly entertaining to watch the video knowing that you can save someone’s life (and catamaran) if you know your way around a flyboard.

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