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With the rise of water sports in recent times, many people have shown a high amount of favoritism and likability towards the newly introduced water sport called flyboarding. While the sport itself isn’t fresh to the minute, the places in which the sport can be practiced have just recently been introduced. Thus, many people are just getting to know about the sport, and it can be said that almost anyone who has ever tried their luck on a flyboard has fallen in love with the feeling of it undeniably.

However, there are many people who might be a bit more resistant to trying new things and might forgo the opportunity to practice this exhilarating activity. For those people, as well as the ones who really do want to know what flyboarding is all about, we’ve put together a guide to show how flyboarding is just as fun – possibly even more – than snowboarding and how similar the two are in nature!

Apparatus is Highly Similar in Nature

The apparatus of a flyboard in comparison to that of a snowboard is highly similar – although the flyboard is certainly smaller in size. The size of a flyboard can be compared to that of a skateboard rather than a snowboard. The hydroflying sport requires one to have the flyboard ready at hand, and to really conduct the sport, both feet must be firmly strapped to the flyboard so that the person does not lose their balance and fall off when they’re on the board.

Furthermore, among all of the similarities between a flyboard and a snowboard, the way that either device has been designed is what really stands out. Of course, the terrain is different for both the flyboard and the snowboard – with snowboarding being a snow activity, and flyboarding being a water activity. Yet, the mechanism is highly similar and identical in nature.

So much so, even the gear that is utilized for the purpose of attaching your feet to the boards appears to be the same, as well as the way it feels and the purpose it serves. The only reason why the binders are there is to ensure that you won’t fall off the board in mid air, regardless of whether you’re riding along the heavy snow or soaring above the open ocean.

Of course, in no way does that mean that you can use either board for flyboarding because the flyboard is designed specifically to handle water, not snow – and vice versa. When you go to buy a flyboard, that’s when you really realize that the board is similar even though it appears a little bit different. The main similarity is that both boards feature boots and straps to ensure that your feet are bound to the board when you’re practicing the sport.

Same Physics to Control the Board

If you’ve ever rode a snowboard or a flyboard, then you’re probably aware of the fact that the main thing used to control the board is the balance of your body. If you’re unable to maintain your balance atop the board, then you’re not going to be able to control the board at all.

Of course, it’s not possible for one to just step on the board and know how to control it, but after a fair amount of practice and perseverance, maintaining your balance on the board will be as simple as snapping your fingers twice. Anyhow, this factor makes the flyboard and the snowboard feel very similar to control and balance along the terrain.

It must also be noted that it doesn’t just take balance to control the board when atop the terrain. The flyboard has a throttle that can be used to steer the board in addition to the balance of the body and the strength of the legs and the ankles. The snowboard, on the other hand, does not feature a throttle and requires the boarder to have complete control over the body at all times to avoid falling off the board or into the snow.

The Ability to Perform Tricks

If you’ve gotten accustomed to either of the boards, performing tricks is as easy as eating a pie. While you can’t perform flyboarding tricks on a snowboard due to the fact that a flyboard normally has jetpacks attached to the underside of either foot, it is still possible to perform snowboarding tricks on a flyboard with the least bit of effort.

In fact, many snowboarders who were familiar with the way the board is controlled and practiced their luck with the snowboard easily performed similar tricks on a flyboard. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a lot easier to control and maintain balance on a flyboard due to the fact that the terrain is different and the mechanism does differ ever so lightly.

Furthermore, normal boarding tricks such as 360 degree flips, back flips, board grabs, etc., are just a few of the many tricks that can be performed on any board including snowboards, flyboards or even skateboards. Thus, someone who has practiced and mastered the art of snowboarding or skateboarding prior to their first flyboarding experience will have an easy time getting accustomed to the flyboard too.

The Adrenaline Rush

The main reason why there’s such a long list of people who love boarding activities is mainly due to the fact that they experience an adrenaline rush in high doses when they’re performing or practicing the activity. The release of adrenaline means that your entire body will experience a feeling of pure elevation and happiness, so you’ll be feeling positive the whole day or even week. Of course, these two aren’t the only sports that release adrenaline but they are the two that release the endorphins in a similar manner indefinitely.

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