Water Jet Packs vs. Flyboards – which one’s for you?

Man has always dreamed of flying and traveling. Both these dreams materialized the airplane was invented, and commercial flights started. But what about a solo, personal flight? That question was left for the future. But the future has arrived. If you have the financial muscle, you can rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area or a flyboard and fulfill your solo flight dream. You no longer have to spend your time in front of the TV, gaming consoles in hand, thinking, “When can I do this in real life?” You can go to some of the lakes and try a water jet pack or a flyboard. It is even said that kids learn how to ride a water jet pack before they learn how to drive.

Flying over water on your own

Have you seen people flying out of the lake with weird attachments on their feet or back? There’s always a jetski nearby. Do you think it looks amazing? Have you ever felt, “Hey! This looks like fun! I should try this!”? Well if you have, then you’re definitely interested in these new “Hydro Flight” watersports. When you rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area or a flyboard for that matter, you’ll be able to hover above the water (essentially fly), impressing people with the feats you perform in the air.

Flyboarding or water Jet packing is definitely something that you should try once in your life. The overwhelming feeling of excitement and the rush of adrenaline in every corner of your body… When you decide to rent water jetpack in Minneapolis area or a flyboard, you should know if you’re making the right decision. If you choose one and start to have second thoughts about your decision, half the fun will end there. So be sure to know whether the water jet pack or flyboard is the right choice for you. There are subtle differences in each that signal a different experience.

But before you rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area or a flyboard, you need to know what they are and how they work.

Flyboards – The more flexible alternative

A flyboard looks like a hovering skateboard due to its size. It is nothing like a skateboard. It is actually a cross between a hover board and a jet pack. It has a “shoe like” binding that securely latches onto your feet. There are two huge nozzles under the board itself that are powered by a long pipe connected to a jet ski (Personal watercraft or PWC). Water is thrust with high pressure through the pipe from the jet ski and thrown out of the two nozzles on the underside of the board.

Before you get a flyboard rental in Minneapolis area, you should know that the flyboard offers you much more flexibility than the jetpack. Flexibility in the sense that it allows you to do tricks similar to what you would do on a skateboard. These include anything from a backflip to a barrel roll and much more. So if you have muscle and joint pain or are older, but just looking to have an enjoyable time, the next section describes the best option for you when it comes to “Hydro Flight”.

Water Jet Packs – More Comfortable and Relaxing

Ah yes, the Water Jet Pack. Not quite as flexible as the flyboard which we talked about in the previous section, but that does not mean that it isn’t any less fun. When you rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area, you will get a weird looking contraption that goes on your back. The plus side is that there is a seat where you can be strapped in safely and securely. You can enjoy your personal flight safely and comfortably.

Another plus to rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area is that anyone can do it, regardless of age. A professional guide or trainer can be seated on the jetpack and you can get a “piggy back” jet pack ride if you’re elderly and have joint or muscle pain. The trainer will do all the work for you, and you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride along.

But for those who are interested in riding solo, when you rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area, you will be able to walk on water among many things. There are videos on the internet, in high definition, of people running across the surface of water with the help of a water jet pack.

It doesn’t take getting used to as there are handles which let you steer the jetpack the way you want. It’s definitely easier than the flyboard. Also if you’re a Grand Theft Auto fan, you can live out your jet pack fantasies in real life rather than only in the game. All you have to do is rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area.

No matter which one you opt for, there are a few things you should keep in mind for safety.

Safety Guidelines for “Hydro Flight” Equipment

1.      Keep a water bottle handy

Although you’re surrounded by water, none of it is for drinking. Be sure to have a water bottle with yourself to avoid dehydration.

2.      Swimming Knowledge counts

Although not a definite requirement to flyboard or water jet pack, it counts to have basic knowledge of swimming. If you fall into deep water, the lifeguard or guide may not be able to reach you really fast. That’s where your swimming skills may save your life. If your teen kids are trying flyboarding or water jet packs for the first time, it can be all the more advantageous if they know how to swim. Not only will they be able to maintain their balance, but they’ll be able to get out of a sticky situation quick.

3.      Know the Weather

It would be extremely sad if you planned your day for flyboarding on the lake and it rained all of a sudden. It just so happens that you skipped the weather forecast section in the paper or didn’t wait for the weatherman after the 9am news. It helps to know the weather forecast for the day you plan your flyboarding or jet pack excursions.

To rent water jet pack in Minneapolis area, get in touch with us at Skyhigh Flyboards Rental. We have flyboards too, if you’re interested.