Your very own Guide to Flyboarding Balance

Flyboarding is a watersport that is fast gaining popularity on beaches and at lakes around the world. It’s essentially a hover board and jetpack hybrid powered by a jet-ski which propels water with immense pressure to the nozzles under the board. This pressure counteracts the effect of gravity, enabling you to “fly.” The flyboard fastens to your feet using bindings shaped comfortably like shoes and the best part is that it is completely safe. But what happens when you get a flyboard rental at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI? You’ll get to know in this handy guide.

Find Your Center

It sounds fun to get a flyboard rental at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI, but finding the right balance can be tricky at times. Just remember that practice makes perfect. When you try to ride a bike for the first time, you stumble and fall but there’s no better feeling like the wind in your hair once you get the hang of it. Same is the case with a flyboard. Once you strap into the bindings and are in water, it’s only a matter of time until you find the balance. But you must be patient with it when you get a flyboard rental in Crosslake in Brainerd, MI. Here’s how you can find your balance on the flyboard.

1.      Don’t Panic

As with bungee jumping or skydiving, the thrill of this watersport can be enough to throw you off balance. It is okay to feel nervous and panicky before your first flyboarding experience, but you must not  let it get the best of you.

Try some deep and heavy breathing to help you relax, and let go of that bottled up tension in your muscles. If you’re nervous, your whole body will tighten. When you get a flyboard rental at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI, realize that the board is just an extension of your legs. If you are tense, your body will also get tensed, making it difficult to balance your flyboard.

2.      Go with the Flow

Taking from the previous point, the board is an extension of your legs. Many people tend to stay perfectly still in place when they first get a flyboard rental in Crosslake in Brainerd, MI. They fail to realize that their base (legs and feet) is dynamic now, and they need to swing and sway along with the movements of the flyboard.

Think of it as performing “keep ups” with a soccer ball. In “keep ups”, whenever you kick the ball in the air, your feet must be positioned exactly below the ball. For that you must follow the ball with each kick in order to keep going. Same is the case with the flyboard. Follow its movements until you get the hang of it and you’ll be balancing like a pro in no time.

3.      Bend it like Beckham

Focus! We’re not talking about the soccer movie that came out in the early 2000s. Whenever you get a flyboard rental at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI, it is crucial that you do not remain still. More specifically, the idea is to bend your knees in order to attain balance and move about. Think of your knees as a rudder to a ship; the ship being your body. You and your flyboard will move to the left if you bend your right knee and vice versa. As we said before, practice makes perfect so make sure you get a little bit of practice close to the shore before you move out to the open water.

4.      The lower you fall, the Higher you’ll fly

This quote couldn’t have said it better. When you get a flyboard rental at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI, only then will you understand the meaning of this quote so don’t be afraid to fall into water. Unlike falling on the ground while riding a bike or playing any contact sport, you will not sustain major injuries like broken bones or great bruises.

Even if you do fall into the water on your first attempt after a flyboard rental at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI, it won’t hurt. It will just be like taking a dive or cannon ball to the swimming pool. Additionally, you have all that protective gear on, that floats! So fall to your heart’s content, but get back up afterwards! It’s the only way you’ll get better at it. Plus, it makes for some pretty amazing and funny “YouTube” moments if a friend has a camera handy and decides to upload the video they made.

5.      Throw yourself into the deep end

The only way you’ll get better balance is to move on to performing tricks as soon as you can when you get a flyboard rental at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI. What’s the fun in flyboarding when you don’t get to perform tricks and stunts? While you perform stunts, you’ll get a fair idea of how you need to balance yourself in different positions on the flyboard. There are some tricks that are fairly easy to do and will allow you to attain balance while you have fun.

Bonus: Some Flyboarding Tricks to get Started

We are going to tell you about some amazing tricks that you can do straight away, once you get a flyboard rental at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI from Skyhigh Flyboards Rental, to help you get ideal balance. While we’re at it, remember to ask for a powerful jet-ski at the rental (you’ll get more lift).

Shark’s Fin

You’ don’t have to do anything for this one. Just submerge yourself in water, and tilt your body forward. That’s it, you’ll look like a shark’s fin out of the water.

Dolphin Dive

Be confident and you’ll do this trick on your first try. It’s the easiest one of all. Get to a 45° angle and dive into the water. When you’re inside the water, upright yourself following your guide’s instructions and you’ll be back over the surface, ready to go again.

Back flip

We’ve saved the most difficult of the three for the last. Go up into the air gaining some lift. You’ll have more time to regain your balance if you’re higher. When you’re at your required height, lean back, and swing your legs back up as fast as you can. Use knee bending to stabilize yourself.