Flyboarding Tips & Tricks to Help You Ace a Back Flip

Despite how much fun it looks and sounds, flyboarding is anything but a piece of cake. Attempting to do all those cool tricks on a flyboard is really not something you can achieve on your first try, no matter how confident you are. Not only do you have to have a decent amount of control over the balance of your body, you also have to know the flyboard well enough to direct it how you want to.

Similar to skateboarding, there are tons of tricks that can be done on a flyboard as well. Back flips, 360-degree flips and dolphin dives are just a few to name. However, when you do these flips and tricks on a skateboard, you do so in plain air with nothing but the ground beneath you. When it comes to doing flips above the sea with your feet strapped to a board, you are sure to understand how challenging it can really get.

First Timer – Common Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that all first-time flyboarders tend to make. Many people who chose to rent flyboard at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI might even end up ruining the mechanism of the flyboard due to these mistakes. The deal is to gain enough control over the flyboard to make it move the way that you would like it to. Yet gaining such control is certainly the most difficult part of flyboarding. You can easily improve your experience by avoiding these few mistakes:

  1. In order to develop and maintain the perfect balance atop a flyboard, it is necessary for you to bear in mind that both of your knees must not bend at once. Many people tend to bend both knees when trying to steer the flyboard, but this actually ruins the balance of the body, causing the person to fall. Practicing this not only helps you perfect your balance, it also trains you for taking turns and twists.
  2. Once you do take a dip inside the water with the flyboard attached to your feet, coming out of the water can go terribly wrong, if you panic or struggle. The trick is to remain calm and maintain your posture so that your body is in a straight, vertical position as though you are standing.
  3. Another commonly seen mistake is that the person will constantly gaze at their feet to look at the posture while trying to get back up. This is wrong for so many reasons, and also the main reason behind falls and crashes. When coming out of the water, relax your mind, do not panic and keep your eyes on the horizon. Your legs and knees should be straight. Once you get a hold of this position, maintain it for as long as possible in order to find and keep your balance.
  4. Most people are under the belief that the only way to make the flyboard turn when in flight is by using your feet or your hands. This is incorrect and can go horribly wrong. If you really want to control the flyboard and steer it into the direction you want, shift the weight of your body towards there and it’ll follow. However, doing so hurriedly can also make you lose your balance and fall.

Flyboarding Tricks

Whether you own a flyboard yourself and have had enough time to practice, or whether you plan to get in touch with a flyboard rental at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI, these enticing flyboarding tricks are definitely worth a shot!

Back Flips

A flyboard back-flip is definitely the most desired trick to perfect and is attempted by anyone who can get their hands on a flyboard. However, it is anything but easy. Here are a few tips to help you master flyboard back flips:

  • First and foremost, the two most important things that you will need in order to master a back flips are: Momentum, and Balance – both of which are necessary to develop a driving force strong enough to allow a successful flip. Keep your legs bent at 45º, arms back and body tilted forward.
  • Once you come into position, prepare yourself for the back flip by stretching out the entire body to the face horizontally. Even while you do this, the position of your knees should remain the same, with your arms vertically stretched.
  • Now start leaning back and allow the adrenaline to kick in. Don’t panic or try to control this. Let your body fall freely and allow yourself to come into position for a back flip. Enjoy the view!
  • Many people make the mistake of keeping their body and posture as stiff as possible. This is the worst thing you can do because if you do end up losing your balance, you’re going to fall flat into the water and even sprain a muscle depending on how bad the fall is. Avoid doing so and maintain the aforementioned posture for as long as possible, only adjusting when necessary.
  • Once you manage to do a 360-degree back flip, you’ll find yourself back into a vertical position. Go back to the first step and maintain the position, because getting a hold of your balance all over again after doing the flip will be a little difficult than before.
  • In order to avoid losing balance and falling straight into the water, stabilize your posture using the momentum. At this point, instead of bending your knees, stretch them out vertically instead. Doing so will improve your velocity and elevate you, helping you regain equilibrium. The trick is to befriend the flyboard and trust it.

Don’t Own a Flyboard?

Many people believe that they can’t experience the thrill of the adrenaline rush that get from flyboarding just because they don’t own a flyboard. However, this is simply not true because there are many companies that offer you flyboard on rent. If you are interested to rent flyboard at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI, Skyhigh Flyboards can help you do so. They are one of the best flyboard rentals at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI. For further information and inquiries, visit their website.