Flyboarding for Beginners

For the longest time, man has tried to walk on water, but to no avail. It’s just not what we’re meant for, right? That’s what they said flying before the Wright brothers silenced all naysayers by flying over a distance of 852 feet in a flight that lasted 59 seconds. This was the birth of the aviation industry and it was never the same again since. The flyboard is another breakthrough that can not only be witnessed, but also experienced! For those looking for something more than just walking on water, flyboarding is the one of a kind experience you need to have on your bucket list.

What the Flyboard Basically Is

Flyboard is a board like device that elevates you up into the air on your command. We’ve all played make belief games as kids pretending to be superheroes who possess the power of flight. We can now fulfill our childhood fantasy of hovering high up into the air and flying wherever we want; all we have to do is basically lean in the direction we wish to go to. The air is all yours and for the entirety of your flight you will feel freer than you have ever felt before.

Additionally, one would naturally assume the price tag to something like the flyboard would be through the roof, given it is a breakthrough invention. However, rental flyboards at Gull Lake, Brainerd, MI have solved that problem. You don’t need to buy the entire equipment to enjoy the experience, renting is much more convenient and cost effective.

If you’re a resident of Gull Lake in Brainerd (MI), Crosslake in Brainerd (MI), Long Lake in New Brighton (MI) or the Minneapolis Area, then you’re in luck because rental flyboards are available in your area! You can take your family and friends down to skyhigh flyboard rentals to have the most fun you can have with water. With the growing popularity of flyboards, one would imagine they’d become just as widespread, but people often face difficulty in locating places that provide the flyboard experience.

How it works

Imagine the propulsion power of a Jet Ski, vertical and beneath your feet. That’s the basic and typical flyboard set up. The flyboard is connected to a hose and this hose is responsible for carrying the water being pumped in high pressure from the other end and out beneath your feet to produce enough propulsion to lift your weight off the water. The user can actually fly as high as 30 to 35 ft above the water! It doesn’t take weeks or days of training to try out the flyboard because it is incredibly user friendly.

The user’s safety is a priority in every flight which is why the control to the power of the flyboard is controlled by the instructor so they can mediate the pressure or propulsion according to your movements and adjust it to a level you can handle comfortably. By the way, the original developers of the Flyboard, Zapata Racing requires anyone interested in purchasing the flyboard from them to complete a training course. The user will have full control over everything including the direction of movement, but the propulsion power. The user can control their height nevertheless, by how they balance the board and shift their weight on it. Much like a segway that goes forward when you lean forward, and backwards when you lean backwards.

Safety Concerns

Did you know that flyboarding has actually been termed one of the safest sports that you can learn? Any accidents and injuries are pretty much unheard of when it comes to flyboarding in Gull Lake, Brainerd, MI. The instructor keeps a keen eye on you, especially if you’re a beginner. Since the propulsion power control is in the instructor’s hands, he/she will not let you go higher than a foot or two above water. So, in case you do fall, it feels like a cannonball in a swimming pool rather than falling from a greater height that makes the fall on the water surface feel more like concrete. The safety isn’t restricted to supervision and power controls though.

When you arrive at the flyboard rental on Gull Lake, Brainerd, MI, you will have to wear some personal protection gear before you can have a go at the flyboard. After signing the waiver form, you will be provided with a life jacket and helmet. Knowing how to swim helps, but if you don’t that’s completely fine because you’ll be spending most of your time in the air (if you get a hang of it) and you’ll stay afloat, thanks to the life jacket.

Your instructor will be on a Jet Ski and will try to keep an appropriate distance from you so that you don’t fall on the Jet Ski and land in the soft confines of the water only. Also, if you do fall in, your instructor will come towards you right away. Users are usually given proper and complete instructions concerning their fall in the water. They’re told that if they do land in water, they are to take their head out of the water being aware of their surroundings and locating the Jet Ski as soon as possible. Furthermore, one of things you can do as a user to protect yourself when you realize you’re beginning to fall is to simply turn your fall into a streamlined dive. With this simple maneuver, you can change flat thud on the water surface into a clean dive slicing through the surface without any pain whatsoever.

If you’re a beginner looking for flyboard rentals on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MI, here’s another pro tip you will be better off knowing: concentrate on a single point to maintain your balance! This one’s been used in yoga for years. While you’re holding a pose in yoga, you can focus your gaze onto a fixed point, this draws our awareness inward, leaving the mind undisturbed to any external stimuli. So, when you’re up there, try to concentrate on a single point in the distance landscape to stay in air for longer.