Your Basic Guide to Fly Boarding

Fly boarding is the new and improved version of water jet packing. If you haven’t yet tried jet packing, to the very least, you must have heard of it. It’s a hydro flight sport which has gained popularity in the recent years and continues to grow in every aspect. For every water-sport loving person, it has definitely gained respect and topped the score of being amongst the best water sports for anyone who has a love for flying as well as surfing. With the perfect combination for sport lovers, it’s very hard to miss so if you’re someone who is ready to give fly boarding a try then you’ve come to the right place. This post will guide you through everything you need to know about getting the perfect fly boarding experience!     

Start with fly boards- it’s the best thing you’ll experience!

When talking about water sports, it’s always wise to choose something you’re comfortable with first. If you’ve already given surfing and jet-skiing a try then it’s the perfect time to move ahead with your love for extreme sports and try out fly boards. It’s a decision not many people regret so unless you have a fear of flying, of course, then it’s something that you should try out.

Be the ultimate water bender!

With the right fly board equipment, you can pretend to be your favorite super hero, flying up and out of the water. Play around like a water bender, with water pressuring out of the Jet Ski which enables your fly board to freely fly about. You know the best part? You’ll be doing all this while standing on a board! Yeah, it sounds dangerous but don’t worry, your feet will be safely tied up to the board so you don’t injure yourself while flying about. But if you’re a beginner, is that really the only thing you should be concerned about? Well, here are a few tips you can look to follow before going about giving fly boards a shot:

Don’t just demand a good experience- earn it!

Welcome to fly boarding, you don’t just have fun simply by trying it out! To get the most out of fly boards, you need to make sure you get proper training first. Luckily, fly boards doesn’t require you to go through a long, time consuming training session, it will simply take up 10 minutes of your time. But you need to make sure you have good trainers to guide you or else it’ll not only put you in danger, it’ll also destroy the fun of fly boards! That’s why it’s said that to get the most out of fly boarding, you have to earn that place! Remember, water jetpacks have a much longer training session which is why fly boards are essentially the better option.

Know the gear- gearing is important!

Next to training, the most important thing you need to focus on is your gear. No matter where you’re planning on trying out fly boarding, there’s only so much your trainers can guide you with. It’s your job to make sure you have the right fly board equipment with you. With that is mind, you have to basically make sure you’re equipped enough to not injure yourself too much. Here are a few basic equipment you can begin with:

  • Helmet
  • Life jacket
  • Wet suit
  • GoPro camera
  • Spare dry clothes

These are the basic gears which will not only ensure your safety but also help you make the most of your experience of fly boarding. Don’t miss out on any of this equipment or you’ll be left facing quite a lot of problems.

Don’t stray too far- your trainers are your best friends!

One mistake that most people make with fly boarding is that once the training process is done, they thing that they’re pros at it and nothing can faze them but take it from your trainers, you can never be completely prepared until you try the real thing! Remember, to avoid injuring yourself it’s important that you keep your trainers nearby at all times and keep listening to their instructions. Usually, for the best experience, people tend to go out near the waves and try out fly boarding but here’s a warning you should always keep in mind: Never even think about doing it! This is because:

  1. You’re still new at it so you don’t know how to control yourself
  2. The waves are unpredictable and can harm you immensely!

This is a problem that most beginners face regardless of what the trainers might say. Also, when you’re preparing yourself for an experience, make sure you keep the equipment in control of the trainer until you’re confident about handling it yourself. You really don’t want to end up flying off into the sunset, it’s not as poetic as it might sound!

Be mentally prepared!

Last but not least, it’s crucial that you’re aware of all the dangers you might be prone to. Fly boards are an extreme sport and no matter how prepared you are, you’re always under the risk of getting hurt. That’s why you need to be sure you know what you’re putting yourself into beforehand so nothing takes you by surprise. It also helps you prepare for any surprises that might be lurking around for you. But if you have your safety gear with you and the trainers by your side, you’re in comparatively good hands.

If you follow these tips then you’ll be good to go, you have nothing to worry about! Just make sure you have professionals guiding you through the process and that you have excellent equipment. If you have trouble finding the right people for the job, then simply visit Sky High Flyboards and trust them to provide you with all the help you might need including the purchase of good quality equipment.

All You Need to Know About Flyboarding in Brainerd, MI

Have you ever wanted to hover over water like a superhero? Well there is no stopping you now, as flyboarding in Brainerd, MI provides you with an opportunity to fly over water through the magic of the hoverboard. All you need to do is read this article and rent a flyboard in Brainerd, MI.

A flyboard gives you the luxury of swimming like mermaid, flying up into the air with the elegance of Iron Man and jumping out of the water like a dolphin. With all these insane experiences to look forward to, there is nothing that should stop you from having a great time on a flyboard.

For all of you who have not yet seen flyboards weave their magic or haven’t had the opportunity of experiencing a ride up one, this article will be the one-stop guide for all the information you need about this marvelous technology. Before you go rent a flyboard in Brainerd, MI, its best that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Interestingly flyboards not only allow you the luxury of flying over the blue waves of the sea, but they also allow you to jump into them. With flyboards on, flyboarders can jump, swim and flap their way across the ocean with agility and elegance that would make even the dolphins envy them. Gliding through the water with unparalleled grace and beating the forces of gravity is just freaking crazy, isn’t it?

How Long Does It Take to Learn?

Interestingly, you are not required to go through an extensive training program to enjoy flyboarding. According to experts, individuals who have previous experience in jet skiing, surfing and other water related sports will not take more than 3-7 minutes in achieving sufficient practice for flyboarding. Moreover, there are no strict restrictions when it comes to age. Anyone between the ages of 12-70 can enjoy the experience, although their level of extreme stunts might vary.

By now, you should be convinced that you need to go find and rent a flyboard in Brainerd, MI right away. The adrenaline rush that comes while flying on a flyboard is unparalleled. Even the thought of flyboarding should get your heart beating faster and blood pumping through your veins. But, before you go roaring into the abyss of this new adventure by renting a flyboard in Brainerd, MI, it is best to gather as much knowledge as you can about the sport. Don’t worry as we have you covered. Keep reading on, this article will enlighten you and prepare you for flyboarding like an expert.

What exactly is a Flyboard?

How does a flyboard work?

What is a flyboard really?

Two very good questions! Before renting a flyboard in Brainerd, MI, it is necessary for you to know all that is happening below you that will propel you into the sky. Defying and playing with gravity is not an easy task, so how does a flyboard make a mockery of it?

A flyboard, in simple terms, is a board which has your feet strapped into it. Beneath each of the strapped foot is a jetpack. These extremely efficient water jetpacks get the required reserves of water from a jet ski. The flyboard is attached to a jet ski with a long tube.

The water from the jet ski goes through the tubes and comes out of the jetpack under your feet. The high pressure water coming out of the jet packs propels you through the force of gravity and into the water with the fishes. Just think of it as your own fire hose attached to the bottom of your feet. Awesome!

To manage the momentum, there is a throttle on the Jet Ski. The throttle, which is also known as Personal Water Craft or PWC, controls and manages the pressure of water coming out of the flyboards or the jet packs. At increased throttle, the jet packs will have more pressure and will give enhanced propulsion. The high pressure will make flyboarding even more exciting and adventurous.

Moreover, if you want to jump up to the next level, you can get an adaptor kit. The adaptor kid lets you be in control of the speed rather than a trainer seated inside a Jet Ski below. Being in control of your speed is just what you need to stun onlookers with awesome back flips and exciting maneuvers, leaving them open-mouthed with awe. Before buying an adaptor kit you should take caution. Novices will not be able to manage their speeds properly and can get into serious accidents.

Tips to Follow Before You Rent a Flyboard in Brainerd, MI

Regardless of how exciting the experience can be, you should follow a few safety tips to be on the safe side while renting a flyboard in Brainerd, MI.

  • Always listen to your trainer while you’re starting. Your trainer is an expert and all the things they mention are for your own safety.
  • Don’t turn up drunk. It’s better not to drink any alcohol before the experience. You don’t want to be known as the half-drunk person falling head first into the surf.
  • Avoid flyboarding when the tide is high. A high tide increases the chance of something bad happening.
  • Never forget to wear safety gear. Your safety gear will save you from any injuries in case of a mishap.
  • Be patient and mind your balance. Mastering your flyboard might take some time, especially if you are completely new to water sports. Your balance and posture should be based on what the trainer says, don’t try tricks on your own.
  • Lastly, don’t give up easily. This is not really a safety tip but once you sign up for training, make sure you come back as a pro.

If you want to experience the excitement of flyboarding, you should head over to Skyhighflyboard, to rent a flyboard in Brainerd, MI.

Flyboarding Tips & Tricks to Help You Ace a Back Flip

Despite how much fun it looks and sounds, flyboarding is anything but a piece of cake. Attempting to do all those cool tricks on a flyboard is really not something you can achieve on your first try, no matter how confident you are. Not only do you have to have a decent amount of control over the balance of your body, you also have to know the flyboard well enough to direct it how you want to.

Similar to skateboarding, there are tons of tricks that can be done on a flyboard as well. Back flips, 360-degree flips and dolphin dives are just a few to name. However, when you do these flips and tricks on a skateboard, you do so in plain air with nothing but the ground beneath you. When it comes to doing flips above the sea with your feet strapped to a board, you are sure to understand how challenging it can really get.

First Timer – Common Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that all first-time flyboarders tend to make. Many people who chose to rent flyboard at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI might even end up ruining the mechanism of the flyboard due to these mistakes. The deal is to gain enough control over the flyboard to make it move the way that you would like it to. Yet gaining such control is certainly the most difficult part of flyboarding. You can easily improve your experience by avoiding these few mistakes:

  1. In order to develop and maintain the perfect balance atop a flyboard, it is necessary for you to bear in mind that both of your knees must not bend at once. Many people tend to bend both knees when trying to steer the flyboard, but this actually ruins the balance of the body, causing the person to fall. Practicing this not only helps you perfect your balance, it also trains you for taking turns and twists.
  2. Once you do take a dip inside the water with the flyboard attached to your feet, coming out of the water can go terribly wrong, if you panic or struggle. The trick is to remain calm and maintain your posture so that your body is in a straight, vertical position as though you are standing.
  3. Another commonly seen mistake is that the person will constantly gaze at their feet to look at the posture while trying to get back up. This is wrong for so many reasons, and also the main reason behind falls and crashes. When coming out of the water, relax your mind, do not panic and keep your eyes on the horizon. Your legs and knees should be straight. Once you get a hold of this position, maintain it for as long as possible in order to find and keep your balance.
  4. Most people are under the belief that the only way to make the flyboard turn when in flight is by using your feet or your hands. This is incorrect and can go horribly wrong. If you really want to control the flyboard and steer it into the direction you want, shift the weight of your body towards there and it’ll follow. However, doing so hurriedly can also make you lose your balance and fall.

Flyboarding Tricks

Whether you own a flyboard yourself and have had enough time to practice, or whether you plan to get in touch with a flyboard rental at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI, these enticing flyboarding tricks are definitely worth a shot!

Back Flips

A flyboard back-flip is definitely the most desired trick to perfect and is attempted by anyone who can get their hands on a flyboard. However, it is anything but easy. Here are a few tips to help you master flyboard back flips:

  • First and foremost, the two most important things that you will need in order to master a back flips are: Momentum, and Balance – both of which are necessary to develop a driving force strong enough to allow a successful flip. Keep your legs bent at 45º, arms back and body tilted forward.
  • Once you come into position, prepare yourself for the back flip by stretching out the entire body to the face horizontally. Even while you do this, the position of your knees should remain the same, with your arms vertically stretched.
  • Now start leaning back and allow the adrenaline to kick in. Don’t panic or try to control this. Let your body fall freely and allow yourself to come into position for a back flip. Enjoy the view!
  • Many people make the mistake of keeping their body and posture as stiff as possible. This is the worst thing you can do because if you do end up losing your balance, you’re going to fall flat into the water and even sprain a muscle depending on how bad the fall is. Avoid doing so and maintain the aforementioned posture for as long as possible, only adjusting when necessary.
  • Once you manage to do a 360-degree back flip, you’ll find yourself back into a vertical position. Go back to the first step and maintain the position, because getting a hold of your balance all over again after doing the flip will be a little difficult than before.
  • In order to avoid losing balance and falling straight into the water, stabilize your posture using the momentum. At this point, instead of bending your knees, stretch them out vertically instead. Doing so will improve your velocity and elevate you, helping you regain equilibrium. The trick is to befriend the flyboard and trust it.

Don’t Own a Flyboard?

Many people believe that they can’t experience the thrill of the adrenaline rush that get from flyboarding just because they don’t own a flyboard. However, this is simply not true because there are many companies that offer you flyboard on rent. If you are interested to rent flyboard at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI, Skyhigh Flyboards can help you do so. They are one of the best flyboard rentals at Long Lake in New Brighton, MI. For further information and inquiries, visit their website.

Jetpacks or Fly Boards?

The future is now, and with it comes the amazing stuff engineering has to offer us. Looking back at ancient times, the prediction of flying machines was much anticipated and now it seems that science actually started working on those eons ago. Among the many inventions are the fly boards. Oh how much of our youth was spent crammed up in front of the television watching shows and fantasizing about the day when these great inventions would actually come to life and finally, they’re here! Kids now days wouldn’t understand the struggle of the wait, they are privileged enough to try it out!

The Flying Man- Just as Awesome as It Sounds!

No, it’s not an alien invasion but you must have definitely come across one too many people hovering above the water. Must have been quite a sight! There’s really no doubt about how tempting it is for the bystander, especially for people who have lived through the era of fly board dreams, but now the wait is over. If you’re someone who has had a long lived passion for fly boarding, then it’s time that you bring your passion to life and give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen anyway? But for the ultimate beginner experience, you need to know you’re using the right invention. That means, you’ll have to decide whether you should opt for water jetpacks or fly boards. There’s not much difference to it but it’s crucial you get it right the first time around. After all, the first impression is always the most important!   

What’s the best choice?

To begin knowing what the best choice would be for you, you need to first start by understanding the difference between the two. Again, there’s really not much difference, but since water jetpacks have been around longer, people often tend to opt for that option first. But what exactly is the difference?

Water jetpacks

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard about it but what exactly is it? Well, water jetpacks are really not that difficult to understand. They’re normal jetpacks except these are propelled by water instead of fuel! Pretty cool, right? Well, it’s going to be even cooler when you’re flying off into the air all because of water! These prototypes took a while to come into play but have been quite successful ever since and it’s all for good reason too! These hydro flight equipment are the solution for your love of flying combined with water sports to turn it into the ultimate sport! Remember, you will need to attach this to your jet ski for it to actually work so don’t be alarmed when your instructor does it!

Fly boards

Well, if you know water jetpacks, then you know fly boards because they’re really one and the same thing. Sometimes they’re also referred to as jetpacks but you need to be careful with getting the terms right. Unlike water jetpacks, these hydro flight equipment have boards instead of jetpacks which means, you get easier mobility. Other than that, it’s essentially the same as water jetpacks. However, as a beginner, it’s often best to not opt for this option since many people believe it to make you more vulnerable to falling. Gravity ruins all the fun sometimes!  

What you’ll get from each?

Essentially they’re both the same thing but there’s slight difference between the both. This is something you need to focus on especially as a beginner. Here’s what you’ll be dealing with:

  • Water jetpacks are a little more complicated which means you need a very intricate training session beforehand. This training is usually revolving around your ability to control the water and consequently, your movement. Fly boards are comparatively much simpler and you’ll be ready for it after a 10-minute training.
  • Jetpacks can allow you to spin 360’s and 720’s while fly boards are better at dives and flips. However, if you’re interested, you can still try out a back flip but you wouldn’t be able to do any more than one at a time. Unlike with fly boards, these stunts are a little more difficult to achieve with a big metal pack on your back.
  • Finally, of course, the major difference would be with pricing. Usually people believe that opting for a jetpack is much cheaper but it’s quite the contrary. The equipment itself costs so much that availing jetpack services along with costly training means it’ll be a complete rip off! This is one of the main reasons it is recommended to try out fly boards instead. That way, if you don’t like the experience, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about the amount you spent on it.  

These are the major differences between the two hydro flight equipment. However, there’s one similarity common to both: they’re both quite an experience! Of course, that’s dependent on how much you learn through training.

What’s the verdict?

Now comes the real question: What’s the best choice for you, as a beginner? Well, it may be a costly decision but there’s really no better way to start than with a good, old-fashioned jetpack? It’s safer and with a proper training session, you can use those tips and embed them in your future endeavors as well. It’s comparatively much simpler which means you can’t really try out any stunts, which you shouldn’t unless you’ve been at this sport for a while! However, if you’re looking into professional dives and flips then you can always opt for a fly board, you get to save money that way as well.

Go on and live your dream, there’s really no reason to hold back anymore! Just remember to get expert advice beforehand and don’t forget your protective gear! Whatever option you choose, you really wouldn’t regret it. If you have any problems, then you can always visit Sky High Flyboard and contact them for advice as well as excellent hydro flight equipment. Don’t worry, they’re a team of professionals waiting to help you out!

Top 10 Adrenaline Fueled Activities

We all like to come face to face with danger every once in a while, but we don’t attempt anything unless we have some form of guarantee that we’ll make it out alive. If you are looking for some memorable adventures, then the following list of activities will give you a strong rush of adrenaline and a real sense of danger:  

1) Storm chasing
Any force of nature that has the potential to uproot trees should be steered away from – a fact for the average Joe, but not for those hooked to their adrenaline rush. If the name of this adventure doesn’t state the obvious, storm chasing is when you take your car, or bike or even your horse in the pursuit of a terrifying, raging storm. If it manages to engulf you in its deathly chokehold, you would more than likely get your death wish. There are professional storm chasing services if you are too timid to try it out solo.

2) Sky jumping
Yes – somehow the idea of being strapped onto a piece of cloth (the parachute) and being left at the mercy of earth’s gravity appeals to a certain portion of crazed individuals. You hitch a ride onto a helicopter, fly a thousand or more feet into the air and take a massive plunge into unforgiving terrain of the earth, relying solely on the efficient, timely deployment of the parachute. This is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase the world just how much of a daredevil you can be. Make sure to spam Instagram with the pictures of your adventure (or misadventure)!

3) Bungee jumping
This is probably less expensive than sky jumping since you don’t require access to a helicopter nor a fancy parachute – but the concept is still the same with only a slight change; you’re now supposed to entrust all your weight (and your life) to a piece of thick rope. There really is no controlling the speed of your descent and you just plain drop 50m or so into the ground. In some bungee jumps you actually take a dive into a lake or a pond. Those with the selfie craze actually bring along an extra pair of camera attached to a selfie stick – not wanting miss the opportunity to document their dangerous adventure.

4) Mountain climbing
Probably one of the most tiring hobbies that requires some serious dedication; you have to learn mountaineering, spend money to reach a far-off location and spend plenty of days just trekking up the harsh, rigid mountain. When you do reach the top of the peak, it really is a sight to behold; it’s not just an adrenaline filled activity, but one that also helps you on a spiritual level.

5) Wave surfing
Probably the easiest to access and most dangerous to perform. When a barrage of giant storms stir up large waves you can bet that there is a crazed individual out there hoping to catch a ride on to one. It is easy to underestimate the potential dangers of wave surfing when you watch experienced surfers safely ride a powerful wave; but one wrong move and the wave can send you slamming into the ocean floor with powerful force, enough to knock you out of consciousness. Not to mention the fact that the surfboard can be a dangerous piece of equipment that has the ability to easily slice through things.  

6)  Shark diving
Locked inside a cage while submerged deep into the ocean and surrounded by a dozen Great White sharks sounds like a good idea to many folks. We all like to experience the feeling of impending doom without actually undergoing bodily harm. It’s the same reason why we like watching horror movies. These monsters of the sea have bodies stretching 20 feet long and weighing above a ton – perfect for those who want to experience a massive rush of adrenaline, and fear.  

7) Flyboarding
Flyboarding 20-30ft above the water is arguably the safest item on our list. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that there isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush. You strap yourself onto a flyboard connected to a water hose which is attached to a watercraft. The movement of the watercraft propels the flyboard above the water’s surface. Watching another human fly in the air is truly a sight to behold – even more so when they take dives into the sea like a little dolphin, performing acrobatics which normally require a green screen to perform (because it’s all fake)! At Skyhigh Flyboards in Minneapolis there are numerous high quality Flyboards for sale. Before you can purchase them though, you’ll have to pass a safety course.  

8) Jumping a mountain bike
As is the case with mountaineering, jumping a bike also requires proper training before you can start performing stunts. It is also the cheapest to perform because the only requirement needed is having access to a sturdy, resilient bike which is resistant to both shock and abrupt collisions with hard surfaces. Bonus points for having access to a helmet.

9) Rafting
This one’s slightly tame because the risks are somewhat less than the likes of skydiving and bungee jumping. What you’re essentially doing is navigating through tumultuous river water using an inflatable raft; it is common to share the same space with a few other people, usually friends and family. Depending on the roughness of the waters and the rigidity of the landscape, rafting can prove to be extremely dangerous and in some cases, even fatal. There is the risk of the raft tumbling over, which increases the chances of drowning under the water.

10) Deep sea diving
If you’re not afraid of going deep inside the belly of the earth and witness fantastically weird creatures in action, then deep sea diving is for you. It should suffice adrenaline junkies to dive down to a depth of 50 meters under the ocean, but to really crank things up a notch you’ll need access to an atmospheric diving suit which will allow you to go as far as 600 meter beneath the depths of the ocean. There are untold dangers lurking down there and we would advise the reader to avoid this activity entirely. You might just end up facing a giant hungry squid.  

5 reasons you should try water sports like Flyboarding

If you are thinking about picking up a sport but don’t know where to start or which one to choose from a number of options, might we suggest that water sports is one of the best things that you can opt for. The best part about trying water sports is that they come in different variations and intensities. They range from mild to extreme water sports and you can opt for which ones suit you the best.

Water sports have been slowly gaining more popularity in the past few years due to new and different sports coming up. Swimming, water skiing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite-surfing are being pursued by many people.  One particular type of water sport is flyboarding. Flyboarding has become the latest water sport trend and it isn’t a fad that will be temporary because more and more people are participating in this sport.  

If you live on Long Lake in New Brighton or are planning to come here for vacations, look no further than hovering above water by flyboarding. Here are just some reasons why you should try water sports like flyboarding in Long Lake, New Brighton:

There is just something about water

Water sports is something you can’t compare with other sports. It’s like apples and oranges. Ever since we were little kids, we always got excited by going to the pool or the beach just so we could splash the water on our friends and family. Simply dipping our feet or dunking our hands in the water would overcome us with a sense of joy. Now take that feeling and multiply it with a 100 times and you get water sports. It is a different kind of energy when you are playing a sport in water.

Our bodies are 65% water anyway so it is natural for us to be attracted to something that comprises more than 65% of our body. One can sit in a Jacuzzi or pool for hours and not be bored because it relaxes us as well.

Tones your body

Water sports are really good for your body in bringing it to shape and toning it. That is why you might have noticed that swimmers and surfers have some of the best defined bodies. If you don’t want to head to the gym because it gets monotonous and boring, head over to your nearest water sport center and opt for a cool water sport such as swimming or flyboarding.

Good for health

Studies have shown that water sports have a calming effect on people and they are more likely to stick with that particular sport for longer as opposed to others. This is mainly due to the sense of adventure water sports such as flyboarding brings. Any form of recreation or physical activity is good for health.  For e.g. if you take up flyboarding in Long Lake, New Brighton, you will be tempted to try it as soon as you set your eyes on the sparkly water. Sports release endorphins in the body and they are quite beneficial for the optimum health of people. They are basically feel-good hormones and they bring stress levels down in a person.

So if you want to release some tension or frustration, pick up a cool water sport such as flyboarding.

Less stress levels in the body help in working your organs correctly and you also get good sleep. Speaking of which, it also concluded that playing a sport helps you sleep easily. You get a lesser chance of developing any chronic disease, pains and depression.


Who doesn’t like going on some sort of adventure? You don’t have to climb the highest mountains (although that would be really cool as well) or swim a marathon in Long Lake, New Brighton but you can take up flyboarding and scream “I’m the king of the world!” while you are soaring above the water.

You would literally feel as if you are flying without wings while doing so and that the whole world is your oyster.  Flyboarding is one of those few water sports that have been gaining popularity and not everyone is daring and adventurous to do it. Show other’s how cool you can be by getting some flyboarding gear (you don’t even have to buy those, just rent them and you are good to go) and fly above the water. You might not be able to walk on water but at least you got the next best thing to it: flying above water aka flyboarding.

Try something new

One solid reason for you to try flyboarding is that you should always try something at least once in your lifetime. If it is not your cup of tea, you have every right to ditch it and move on to something else that you enjoy. Don’t be scared of trying something new because it makes you discover new things not only about that particular thing but also about yourself.

Flyboarding in Long Lake, New Brighton is a growing trend and so you won’t feel like the only one who is the odd one out doing something crazy and adventurous.

Bonus reason:

Flyboarding is really safe and easier than you think it is. It might seem a bit of a daunting water sport but once you try it, it is nothing short of an adventure and adrenaline rush. You will get this rush of energy. Studies have shown that a little bit of adrenaline is good for people because it keeps you focused, alert, improves your vision and other senses are heightened as well. Come visit us Skyhigh Flyboards for the experience of a lifetime!

A Beginner’s Guide to Flyboarding at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI

In order to be stay healthy and productive, it is important to recognize the fitness benefits that can only come with sports. While sports on land are played on a regular basis by people all around the world, water sports are also rising in popularity. In recent times, one of the most popular water sports is flyboarding.

People from all around the world are taking part in the hydro-flying sport, not only because it’s fun and nice to try, but because the adrenaline rush and levels of thrill tend to elevate to max levels when you’re taking flight in the flyboard. The best part is that in Crosslake, you don’t have to purchase your own flyboards because there are companies that are solely for flyboard rentals at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI.

Even though the sport looks exciting and thrilling, have you ever wondered what it actually feels like to be on that flyboard and is it really worth the risk? Is your fear of water raising your levels of anxiety, and are you wondering whether it’s dangerous or not? Well, this guide is here to answer all your questions regarding flyboarding and how you can rent flyboard in Crosslake at Brainerd, MI.

What Is a Flyboard?

The flyboard was first introduced in 2012, and the internet went mad crazy trying to guess what it was due to a video of the sport that surfaced on all major social media platforms. A flyboard is a lot like a snowboard, with bindings for your feet to be strapped into, but it is only as big as a skateboard.

The mechanism of the flyboard itself is rather complicated. Underneath each foot binding, there are water jetpacks. The flyboard is attached to a Jet Ski, through a long tube as well as an adaptor, which is what supplies water to the jetpacks. The amount of pressure that can come out of the flyboard is controlled through a throttle attached to the Jet Ski itself.

An interesting fact about flyboarding is that it is controlled through user increased propulsion rather than water through the pressure sensitive throttle. Although a person would normally have to practice the sport a lot before they can master it, it is definitely as interesting as it is fun.

What is the Experience Like?

Flyboarding is an amazing and exclusive experience and it is truly like no other sport invented to date. It is an experience that elevates you not just above the water, but in spiritual sense too. The jet propels the person upward and the feeling is often described as miraculous. It is truly an experience like none other and definitely worth trying.

Is Flyboarding Dangerous?

Without proper knowledge about how to control the pressure of the water, the experience can go horribly wrong. Often times, users make the mistake of trying to control the pressure and balance of their bodies with the use of their hands and feet. Although falling into the water is not dangerous at all, it can still cause shock if you go up in the air and lose balance while on the flyboard.

However, it is not recommended at all to go high up in the air, if you haven’t learned how to control the flyboard due to safety precautions. The impact of hitting the water if you fall from a height is terrible and can affect your wellbeing.

What Benefits Does Flyboarding Have?

There are plenty of benefits that come with flyboarding. The feeling of being at sea itself is elevating and can positively impact your mind and body. Like all other sports, flyboarding is great, if you want to burn some calories and shed a few pounds. However, how many calories you burn or whether you burn any or not depends greatly on the amount of time you spend and how you carry out your flyboarding escapade.

Flyboarding can also improve your skin and hair greatly. This is because while you’re flyboarding, you’re exposed to a good and healthy amount of Vitamin D which is necessary for our skin to be healthy. Vitamin D is also responsible for improving skin tone, bringing it to a healthy balance, and if you like getting sun tans, you are in for a surprise! In addition to the skin benefits, the sea salt in the air will also improve your hair. We may not realize this, but sea salt is actually very beneficial to us. It even cleanses out the lungs, as well as keeping congestion in our chest at bay, and keeps our immune system healthy and strong.

In addition to other benefits, sports and activities similar to flyboarding, release a healthy amount of adrenaline into our systems. This is actually very healthy for human beings, especially if they’re suffering from feelings that border sadness, depression, anxiety, etc. Adrenaline releases happy feelings into our body and mind, and this can help us have a more positive attitude towards our lives.

What if You Don’t Own a Flyboard?

There is no need to worry if you do not own a flyboard or are not interested to buy one. A lot of the people who have tried out flyboarding never really owned the boards. There are several companies that can rent flyboard in Crosslake in Brainerd, MI. The plans consist of various days or weeks of rental flyboards depending on your requirements. Most companies offer plans that can be adjusted to the needs of their customers to make it easier for them to experience flyboarding without having to worry about purchasing and paying the whole amount for a flyboard.

If you are interested to rent flyboard at Crosslake in Brainerd, MI, Sky High Flyboards can help you do so. They are one of the best flyboard rentals at Crosslake in Brainerd. For further information and inquiries, visit their website.

It Is Fun To Fly Like A Bird On A Flyboard

Ever seen how Iron Man flies around the skies taking a bird eye view of the entire world around him, breezing past obstacles in his fancy little suit? Even if we are not hardcore fans, many of us try to internalize how the man must be feeling inside; wishing to replicate the same feeling we tend to become envious of the man flying in his red suit. While it will take humanity probably another decade or so before something nearly as fluid and streamlined as the Iron Man suit can be invented, what we do have access to however is state of the art equipment that can arguably be called the next best thing after the Iron Man suit. What we’re obviously talking about is the flyboard, which is powered by the massive thrust provided by watercraft which they’re tethered against.

How a flyboard works

A flyboard is attached by a long, 35 to 40ft hose to a powerful watercraft such the jet ski or wave runner. When the watercraft traverses the sea at a certain speed, it forces the water to push through the hose at a turbulent speed which has a high enough velocity to send any human flying dozens of feet into the air. The person can control the direction, speed and power of the flyboard through certain machinations embedded in the flyboard equipment.

Safety issues

Even though cruising on a flyboard is an extremely fun, adrenaline filled activity, it does have its own plethora of safety issues which can cause tremendous bodily injury if not addressed before strapping yourself onto a one. For instance, the impact of crashing onto the waters from a certain height can hurt your head even though you might be wearing a powerful helmet. The depth of the water is also extremely important, and many flyboard rentals in the Minneapolis Area specify that the water should be at least 10m deep. This is critically important because when you crash into a shallow body of water, the chances of hitting a sharp rock or reefs dramatically increase. The result can be life altering accidents.  For this reason, most flyboard rentals require you to undergo proper flyboard training; only giving you access to the cool water toy after you have gained proper certification.

The great thing about floating above water is that the impact of crashing on it is heavily mitigated. This allows users to perform a myriad of amazing, breathtaking acrobatic actions. The most popular of these is the dolphin dive; you dip down into the water and exit out of it upwards, making beautiful half-sin waves. Professional flyboarders have so much experience under their belt that they can even carry another person with them in a mighty show of strength and control which sends most spectators in awe.

How to properly use the flyboard
It is important for you to get access to proper gear. Start off by getting access to an isothermal pant and vest (optional). The next item on your list should be a coastguard approved lifejacket that can zip up properly to your body and not get disconnected by the tumultuous speeds of the flyboard; this is an obvious necessity if you don’t know how to swim. You should use helmets that cover your ear, if you don’t have access to such a helmet, the next best option is to wear ear plugs; you don’t want the water entering inside your ear.

Strapping yourself onto the flyboard
First thing you should be doing is place one of your feet (right) on to the center of the flyboard, follow it up by gently placing your left foot onto the left binding. Then follow it up by placing your right foot onto the right binding, safely accommodating your feet into both of the bindings. Now securely tighten the straps, starting from the top straps all the way to the bottom straps. This is extremely important because loose fittings will most certainly result in you flying out of the flyboard in a tangential direction—and not a direction of your choice either; you could crash onto solid surface which may cause serious accident and injury to you.

Next thing for you to do is get your hands into the arms of the flyboard, tightening up the straps to make sure they don’t move. Word of caution though, because too tight of a strap can result in you losing feeling in your wrists and hands. This is the worst possible thing that could happen to you while in the middle of the air attached to the flyboard.

How to operate the flyboard
You can launch from a beach or dock by jumping feet first into the water. Keep your legs straight and your head out of the water. Once the watercraft starts and the hose becomes completely taut from the power of watercraft, it is time to fly. Position yourself vertically under the water to allow you to actually start flying – it is essential for you to keep your legs as straight as possible. Your toes will play a crucial role in how you maneuver about the air. If you want to propel forward, position your toes in the forward direction. Positioning the toes up will allow you to gain height. To ride backwards, pull your toes up but have all of your weight shifted in the forward direction.

If you want to turn right, slightly bend your left knee and vice versa. It is important for you to balance yourself properly. Once you do get the hang of it, you will want to learn a couple of important navigational moves—these include doing the 360°, 180° and riding backwards. These three important moves will:

  1. Keep you safe from potential crashes
  2. Allow you to perform fancy acrobatic tricks in the air
  3. Prevent any damage from occurring to the rather expensive equipment

One more thing to watch out for is to limit yourself to a speed of 4500 rpm on the flyboard and not to exceed a height of 6 ft during your first tryouts. Once you become comfortable with this height, you can safely move to trying stunts at greater heights.

The Cool New Sport of Fly Boarding

One of the best things about the rapid progress in technology has got to be fancier toys! And by that, we don’t mean action figures. Fly boarding is a new sport that wasn’t around until a couple of years ago and has been welcomed by the masses. Men and women of varying ages are enthralled to take their self into the air with the adrenaline filled, easy to control fly boards. You’re not really a 90s kid unless you’ve imagined yourself riding a hover board like the green goblin from Spiderman or Marty from Back to the Future, at least once. It’s incredibly exhilarating just seeing people ride these jet powered hydro fly boards. Flocks of tourists are drawn into beachside areas where this technology is available for all. In fact, there are fly board competitions now being held where expert fly boarders showcase their finesse in controlling the powerful boards to execute the most impressive feats of personal flight maneuverability. These extreme shows attract many onlookers, but you know what’s better than watching fly boarders perform? Riding one yourself!

How it works

A fly board is basically a personal jet pack that is strapped in beneath your feet and is a creation of Zapata Racing in France. This fly board uses the power of propulsion to levitate in a controlled manner and take off the ground on your command. The water pressure is made from a personal watercraft that directs the high pressured water through a 60-foot pipe that is attached to the two propulsion nozzles beneath your feet. The nozzles are pointed downwards and throw water at a 90-degree angle from the sea surface, in the direction of the sea floor, to generate enough propulsion to lift you off the water surface. Think iron man, but with water for propulsion instead of the palladium made Arc Reactor power core.

Ease of control

One can assume this sort of technology requires hard training to get a hold of, but that’s not true. The fly board is a very easy to control and maneuverable instrument. After the user has been given proper instruction, it doesn’t take more than five minutes on average for them to take off and fly around hovering over the safe surface of water. If you’re a slower learner, there’s nothing to worry about.

There are two types of throttle control systems on the fly board. You can let your instructor power the throttles on and off, while you’re trying to get a handle on the controlling and basic hovering aspects of it. After you feel like you’re ready, step it up a notch, you can control the throttle yourself through the handholds on the fly board made possible with the electronic management kit installed on there.

Pro Fly boarder Trey Andrews said, “The learning curve is pretty steep, meaning it’s hard to start using the Electronic Management Kit but once you get the hang of it you will never want to be ‘driven’ again.” You basically control your direction by leaning towards the direction you want to go to. Tip your toes forward to go forward, and vice versa. Needless to say, it would be pretty exciting to pretend to be a superhero or a super villain riding on this fully controllable hover board. You can even do those cool dolphin dives in and out of the water with the jet powered boots you’re mounted on! Executing back flips or even front flips is always a fan favorite. If you’ve practiced enough, you can be creative with your maneuvers and tricks. The fly board is the perfect mix of water, extreme sports, flying and thrilling heights. Fly boarding doesn’t require a lot of strength. It can be a very relaxing and liberating experience.

A workout like no other

Fly boarding is the new favorite hobby for spring breakers because of how easy it is. Anyone can do it including you. Despite the obvious advantage of grasping the basics of fly boarding within minutes of the first session depending on your balance and coordination, fly boarding is a full body exercise. This unmatched workout experience can work your core, legs, and hips very well. Depending on your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, you can ride the fly board for as long as you can handle. Oh, and you definitely will feel the post-workout muscle soreness the next day, since it’s a workout that’s fun, safe, enthralling and one that you will not forget for the rest of your life.

How safe is it though

Those interested often speculate on how safe it really is, and they should too. The truth is, you’ll be in the safe hands of certified and experienced master pilot instructors guiding you and observing you, throughout the course. Additionally, the coast guard will also look out for you with eyes peeled. After your pre-flight instructions, you’ll be escorted in the water with a life vest and safety helmet. The instructors and experienced pilots are also trained in CPR and First Aid Certified programs. However, to make sure you stay within comfortable limits, do not fly at heights that you feel are above your skill level. Stay comfortable and enjoy the freedom in the air up there.  

Give it a shot!

Have you ever ridden a fly board before? If you haven’t, you need to try it and experience the closest thing to personal flight in existence which has been an ever longing desire of man. You don’t need to worry about buying the futuristic overly expensive equipment either. Residents of Michigan, you need not worry! You can rent fly boards in Gull Lake in Brainerd, Minneapolis area, Long Lake in New Brighton and Crosslake in Brainerd, MI. Come on down to get a taste of how it’s like to levitate on your own two feet off the grounds in complete control and make your summer break the perfect holiday.