5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Water Jet Pack in the Minneapolis Area

Flyboards and water jet packs have long been a dilemma for users. Despite the fact that they’re similar in a lot of ways, especially the fact that they’re dependent on water jet, most people are usually fans of flyboards or jet packs.

However, the glamorous images and visuals shown of flyboarding tend to win more people over to their side but jet packs deserve a lot more attention than they do now. If you’re thinking about indulging in either of these water sports and are torn between the two, here are a few reasons that show why it’s a good idea to rent a water jet pack in the Minneapolis Area.

1.     It’s Safer

One of the biggest things that water jet packs have in their favor is the degree of control they offer a person. Due to this reason, a person who is feeling apprehensive about using a flyboard can have a more enjoyable time with the help of a water jet pack. If you want to rent a water jet pack in the Minneapolis area, you can easily find them in good condition which ensures that you will have an extremely smooth experience.

Water jet packs are safer as they’re worn in a back pack while flyboards entail that a person has jets attached to their feet. Due to this reason, a person can feel safer as jet packs provide more support to the body when they’re jetting around in them. Even elderly people can indulge in water jet packs as long as they’re in good health and have no complications that could have an adverse effect on them because of this activity.

2.     Offers More Control

With flyboards, one of the best things the people like is the freedom of movement it provides. Many people even use them to do running dives like dolphins or to spin up into the air. However, not everyone is comfortable with such flexibility and it can make them feel apprehensive, particularly since the flyboard has controls that are so simple, that they can be terrifying to someone who likes to have a bit more control on their side.

For this reason, water jet packs are better suited as they’re safer. Not only are they worn on the back, their controls are extended, in two handles, right in front of a person and they can easily use them. In contrast to the flyboard, this can provide users with a degree of control that will allow the experience to be more enjoyable for them. Many people tend to lean towards water jet packs due to this factor.

3.     The Learning Curve

It is very rare that a person who tries flyboarding becomes instantly good at it. It takes months or even years of repeated indulgence in this activity to be really proficient at using it. On the other hand, if you do want to be a pro at flyboarding, it is a good idea to rent a water jet pack in the Minneapolis area as it will give you a chance to get used to the feeling of being suspended up in the air as well as dealing with other factors that come with water jet packing.

For many people, it is easier to transition from a water jet pack to a flyboard as they are better prepared for the challenges that they face. While many of the functions and controls are similar, it won’t take as long for a person to become assimilated to the flyboard and ensure that you make progress more swiftly with the flyboard. Moreover, for many people, the water jet pack is a safer method, much like having training wheels on before you learn how to ride your bike with two wheels.

4.     More Motor Movement

When it comes to water jet packs, they actually offer more stable mobility as compared to flyboards. Using a water jet pack, you can easily hover above water in various different directions. Many people enjoy being able to move forwards, backwards, upwards and even downwards with the help of a water jet pack. The best part is that the controls are right in front of you so you can easily control the direction, speed and velocity very easily.

While the same can be done with flyboards, it tends to be a bit more complicated to control them and you’re going to have to use a lot more of your balance and control in order to make the board move. With water jet packs, movement controls are more fluid, easier and safer. On the other hand, many people do claim that flyboards are more responsive but you’ve got to learn to master them a bit more before you get to that stage.

5.     Better Packages

When you want to rent a water jet pack in the Minneapolis area, you’re bound to find better packages and sometimes, even more cost-effective packages. This is due to the fact that most people pick flyboards. For many businesses; it is a feasible option to make their water jet pack rental packages more attractive so that it will garner the attention of most people.

In this instance, you’re bound to get some amazing deals when you want to rent a water jet pack in the Minneapolis area. On the other hand, be sure to book beforehand because you never know; other people might have a similar idea or the place might have other reservations. In all cases, it’s a good idea to make a booking beforehand when you’re planning to rent a water jet pack in the Minneapolis area.

Keep in mind that both water sports many similarities and while it is difficult to determine truly which one is the best, it all comes down to a matter of a preferences but if you’re looking for opportunities to try out water jet packing or flyboarding, reach out to us at Skyhigh Flyboards in the Minneapolis area.