Your 101 Guide to Flyboards

Even though water sports aren’t a recent phenomenon, they are gaining popularity globally because of the recent water sport activities that have been introduced. Hoverboarding, JetLev, flyboarding, water jet pack are all recent innovations that have lured adrenaline junkies in. Our dream to fly has finally been answered, thanks to these water powered flying ways.

Jet Pack VS Flyboard

It is tough to pick a favorite out of the two and answer which one is easier to ride because it all boils down to your personal preference. You can be a better judge for yourself, however; here are a few differences and similarities between the two:

• Jetpack

Riding a Jet Pack requires less effort compared to a Flyboard. You do not need to move your muscles as the Jet Pack does the work for you. Once you get comfortable on your Jet Pack, it is only a matter of few seconds that till you’re flying. A Jet Pack comes with a seat and gives you a rollercoaster vibe. So if you’re claustrophobic and get intimidated easily, we’d suggest you do not opt for this. It is like you controlling a machine and moving forward. After a few attempts, you can learn the art of flying a Jet Pack. 

• Flyboard

Flyboard allows more freedom of flight, however, in this you need to put in the effort. Flyboarding requires you to maintain a proper position while you’re riding to ensure stability. It is a lot more stable than a Jet Pack once you get the hang of it. It requires trial and error but after a few falls into the water, you can really surf in the sky. Moreover, it gives you the liberty to choose how to fly over water at comparatively higher speeds than a Jet Pack.

Though they have the same functionality and appear to be similar, they are still quite different from one another. Both enable you to fly, but the experience is definitely unique as one allows forward motions while the other allows vertical.

Buying a Flyboard

With the increasing demand of flyboarding, it can sometimes get tough to have an opportunity to ride. Waiting in long lines for hours can get irritating, but not if you buy yourself a Flyboard. Maybe till a few years ago, buying a Flyboard was a dream but now it has turned into a reality and you can easily find it at retailers in your city. Once you have a Flyboard of your own, you can go to your nearest lake or beach, attach it to a Jet Ski and feel the adrenaline moving under your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flyboard

While you might be convinced about buying a Flyboard, here are some FAQs that might help you make a better decision.

  • Is it worth buying?
    Buying a Flyboard is subjective. If you enjoy water sports and do not want to spend up to $200 every time you want to go Flyboarding then it is a good choice. Initially it might seem pricey but it is an investment if you’re an adrenaline junkie.
  • Where can I buy it from?
    While you might find it at several retailers, for a high quality and better performing Flyboard, Sky High Flyboards is your safest option. They have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.
  • What if it gets damaged?
    If somehow your Flyboard gets damaged, you do not need to replace it. Sky High Flyboards offer parts that you can easily replace and make your Flyboard functional again.
  • How much does it cost?
    It depends on which one you opt for. A complete kit can cost you $4,462. However, you can take separate parts too which will be cheaper than the whole kit.
  • Is it safe for everyone?
    Although the water support does not have many restrictions, pregnant women are not allowed to use a Flyboard. If you have a serious back or knee injury, it is best to seek guidance from your doctor. Also if you’re under the effect of alcohol, you shouldn’t ride the Flyboard.

Precautions for Flyboarding

No matter which water sport you try, make sure that you put your safety first. Since the past few years, Flyboarding has existed and no major injuries have been recorded. It is because all safety measures such as wearing a life jacket and helmet are compulsory to wear. Even if you do fall in water, the Flyboard takes the fall for you, minimizing the chances of you getting hurt. Furthermore, beginners are never advised to take heights that they cannot control so all in all, it is a relatively safe sport.  

Skyhigh Flyboards

Making sure that your safety is put first, Skyhigh Flyboards provides a training course with every purchase. It is only when you pass the course; you are allowed to take your Flyboard home. It might be a possibility that buying a Flyboard is out of your budget. Sky High has taken care of that as well. Their staff is available to help you find a Flyboard that suits your range. In order to get your Flyboard from Skyhigh Flyboards, contact them today.